ModemTest V1.3 FAQ (Discontinued)


This short guide gives some common solutions for using the PC Test Kit to resolve any problem with your PC. For more detailed information, please refer to the documentation within the software and on the UFD in the Documents and Guides folder.

The PC is not powering on

You can use the LCD Power Supply Tester to identify problems with your Power Supply Unit. A quick start guide is available on the PassMark USB Flash Drive (UFD) in:
\Documents and guides\Power Supply Tester\

The PC is not booting into the Operating System

BurnInTest Bootable Pro can be used to identify system components which may be faulty. Plug in the PassMark USB Flash Drive (UFD) and power on the system. Enter the BIOS setup (e.g. by pressing the DEL or Delete key) and ensure the first boot device specified is the PassMark UFD. Boot from the UFD and BurnInTest Bootable Pro will be displayed. Now run BurnInTest tests to identify the system components that may be faulty (e.g. CPU, memory, hard disk). Once identified, the faulty component(s) can be replaced. Similarly, the MemTest86 Bootable USB drive can be used to diagnose faulty RAM.

The PC is encountering problems after booting into Windows

Run Central Control by clicking on "PCTK.exe" from the root directory of the PassMark UFD. This will display your options for software installed on the UFD. From here, you can access:

Note that you can update your PassMark UFD to the latest version by following these instructions.