Order processing and License key FAQ

How do I enter in my license key?

  • After you have placed an order, you will receive an e-mail that contains your username and license key. The license key needs to be entered into the software. After this is done the software will change from the trial version to the full version. For details of how to enter your license key into your software see this step by step guide. Note that some of our software needs no license key, most notably Memtest86, our various SDKs and our free software.

How long does the key take to arrive via e-mail?

  • Online order processing for software is automated. Almost all license keys are sent out via e-mail within 5 minutes of an online order being made. Depending on the e-mail system you are using, there may some additional delay with your e-mail provider for them to receive and process the e-mail. Some 5% of orders are flagged for manual checking (typically when there is a possibility of fraud). In these cases, it might take up to 1 business day to verify the order and send out the key. You can place an online order here.

It has been 24 hours and my key has not arrived.

  • Over the past couple of years there has been a growing problem of e-mail providers incorrectly identifying real e-mails as spam. Check your spam folder to see if the e-mail has been misclassified. Also, if possible, whitelist all e-mail from our domain @passmark.com. It is VERY important that you do this, because if our first e-mail was misclassified and lost, there is a strong possibility that all subsequent e-mails will also be misclassified. Then if you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours email us at help@passmark.com with the order details and an alternate e-mail address, if you have one. Alternatively, you can login to our ordering system and pickup your keys.

How do site licenses and multi-user licenses work?

  • For multi-user and site licenses a single license key will be issued by default. The key can be used by multiple users (up to the number of licenses purchased). A site license covers an unlimited number of users within a single organization in a single country. Please contact us at sales@passmark.com for ordering details.

I have lost my license key.

  • We urge people to keep a backup of their license keys. However, if you lose your key, you can login to our ordering system and pickup your old keys.

How do I know that my order is secure?

  • We use 256-Bit SSL encryption to ensure details sent to our server are secure. We do not store any of your credit card details after an order is made, so there is no possibility of the details being misappropriated at some point in the future. We use Worldpay for secure credit card processing. They are one of the largest international card processors and provide support the latest online security features such as Verify by Visa.

Do I receive a software box or CD with my software order?

  • We no longer ship any CDs. To reduce packaging, postage and handling costs, we distribute all our software electronically, via downloads, with an e-mailed license key. The exception being where we have explicitly noted that software is delivered on a USB drive.

How is my hardware order shipped?

  • For hardware orders to the USA, Mexico & Canada, all packages will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
  • For hardware orders to the Australia, packages will be shipped via Express Post.
  • For hardware orders to the rest of the world, you will be given the option of selecting either Airmail post or FedEx as the shipping method.
  • Airmail post is a cheaper service but does not offer insurance nor tracking and is also much slower. FedEx is a fast delivery service, with insurance and tracking.
  • For large international orders, above $400, FedEx must be used.
  • For countries with an unreliable postage system, or complex customs clearance issues, only FedEx is available. These include China, Taiwan and Germany.

How much is shipping for hardware items?

  • There is no shipping charge for software. For hardware items the shipping cost depends on the weight, destination and shipping method. In the case of FedEx, where the shipment is insured, the shipping cost also depends on the value of the order. The shipping cost is displayed on the order form before your card is charged.
  • For small shipments to the USA, the cost is typically around $10 for USPS Priority Mail.
  • For small international shipments, the cost is typically around $12 for Airmail post and around $50 for FedEx.

How long do hardware shipments take?

  • Due to COVID-19, hardware shipments within USA will be dispatched with USPS once a week. We appreciate your understanding during these circumstances.

    However, shipments to all other countries besides the USA will continue to be dispatched as per our normal schedule (within 2 business days of order being placed).

  • Hardware shipments are normally dispatched within 2 business days of an order being placed.
  • Orders to be shipped to the USA will be made from our North American office with USPS Priority Mail. These orders will typically take between 2-4 days after dispatch to arrive.
  • All other orders are made from our Australian office. Airmail posted orders typically take between 8 and 20 days to arrive to Europe after shipment. FedEx orders typically take 3 or 4 days. If you ordered using FedEx shipping you can email us at help@passmark.com with your order details and we can send you the FedEx tracking number.

Do you have hardware item X in stock?

  • We try and keep at least 200 units of our loopback test plugs, test discs, and cables in stock at all times. For orders larger than this you might want to contact us regarding current stock levels and delivery dates before ordering.
  • For large orders of our PC Test Kit, Power Supply Tester, and Wi-Spy items, please contact us in advance. We try to keep our website updated should any item be unavailable.

My credit card order was declined with a W331 Error. What does this mean?

  • This type of response corresponds to a decline from the processing bank. The authorization process is carried out by the bank and WorldPay has no part in the subsequent decision. The decline message is sent to WorldPay by the bank with no explanation nor justification. The reason for a decline is often to do with incorrect information entered, which does not relate to your card.
  • Some possible causes of this error may include:
    • Wrong issue number
    • Wrong expiry date
    • Wrong valid from date
    • Wrong security code
  • If you still have problems, we advise you to contact your card issuer to find out more information.

I received an error, "Cannot find an available route for the purchase. This may be caused by merchant configuration or remote systems failures." What does this mean?

  • This is most likely due to a large transaction of over US$8000 (or 5000 GBP). Such figures can be difficult to process because of complexities on both sides of the credit card processing (including limitations on daily transactions enforced by your card issuing bank). Please e-mail us at help@passmark.com, and we will help to manually process your order.

Can my company order with a purchase order?

Are upgrades free, or how much to they cost?

  • For all software products, upgrades are free for 12 months. After 12 months any available minor patches are still free.
  • You can collect your free upgrades by logging in and selecting the Manage my products user option.
  • For upgrades that need to be purchased the price will discounted significantly compared to the new license price (40% to 50% typically).
  • You can purchase upgrades from this upgrade order page.

What is the difference between Support & Maintenance and Upgrades?

  • Paid support and Maintenance provide free software upgrades and access to technical support. Twelve months of free support is included with any software purchase. After twelve months, additional support can be purchased in twelve-month blocks. This can be done by logging in and selecting Extend Support from our ordering system. We do not offer support for old software releases. But in those cases, a software upgrade can be purchased. Any paid upgrade also gets 12 months support, the same as for a new license.

Why did the sales page switch from USD to AUD?

  • This would only happen if your billing address or delivery address is in Australia. In such cases, we are obliged to charge in AUD and include GST (a tax that only applies to Australian consumers) as we are an Australian company.

Will GST, VAT, Customs duty or other local taxes be added to my online order?

  • For Australian customers, GST at the standard rate of 10% will be added. This does not apply to customers from outside of Australia.
  • VAT will be collected for countries in the European Union (EU) (for software items only) if a VAT number is not provided at checkout. For hardware items, the customer will be considered the importer and PassMark will not be liable for VAT.
  • California sales tax will be collected for orders billed or shipped to California. This only applies to hardware items and is calculated at checkout.
  • No other tax or duty is collected by PassMark, but depending on your country and state, local taxes, duties or fees may apply. You are responsible for all non-Australian taxes and duties imposed by your government and any costs associated with paying these taxes.
  • If you select the FedEx shipping option, PassMark will however pay the "Fuel surcharge" that FedEx is currently adding to their shipping rates.
  • Please also see the following notes about customs restrictions which may prevent a package from entering a country.

What if the package is rejected by customs in my country?

  • Some countries have strict import restrictions or may require a customs broker in certain situations. It is the customer's responsibility to be familiar with the custom/import laws of the destination country for the shipment. For example, the Russian Federation (at time of writing) does not allow shipments over 5000 Roubles (about US$170) without special arrangement or a customs broker.
  • Any packages rejected by customs and returned to the shipper, and any additional shipping costs necessary (such as the need to resend the package) will be at the cost of the customer.
  • Note that PassMark cannot have a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of all import laws around the world. So please check the custom laws of your country and arrange for any special handling requirements before your purchase if this is necessary.

What is an advancement fee?

  • Many countries have no duty or taxes related to imports, especially for low value items. Hence, this does not apply to most orders. But when couriers, such as FedEx, ship packages across international borders, they sometimes pay in advance the local government fees, duties, and taxes that you owe. When they deliver the package to you, they collect the money that they have already paid to the government on your behalf. In addition, they sometimes collect an advancement fee for the service they provide by paying your charges in advance. These advancement fees go to the courier, not to the government or PassMark. You are responsible pay them, along with any taxes, duties, and fees charged by your government, at the time your package is delivered.

What is PassMark Software's refund policy?

  • A detailed copy of our refund policy can be found here.

What currency will be used for online orders?

  • All our pricing and online sales are done in US Dollars (USD). The only exception is for Australian customers, where Australian Dollars (AUD) are used. If you are paying via bank transfer, then Euros and British Pounds are also acceptable.

Foreign transaction fees?

  • A small number of our US customers have made us aware that their banks have charged them a foreign transaction fees, or currency exchange fee. We bill in USD for US orders, so any claim by your US credit card company that there was a currency exchange is false and should be challenged. Some banks also seem to be charging a foreign transaction fee (note that our head office is in Australia). The examples we have seen are fees from 0.5% to 1.5% of the order value. However, some of the less honest banks do not itemise the fee separately. We do not collect this money and have no advance knowledge if your card issuer will charge you fees for using your card or not. Our estimate is around 1% of US credit card orders are affected.

Will I get an invoice after an order?

  • Yes. A link to a printable invoice will appear in the order confirmation e-mail. You can also login to our ordering system and pickup your old invoices