Test software for your PassMark USB 2.0 loopback plug

  • Versions: V1.1 (Build 1010)
  • Latest release date: 24 February 2017
  • Price: Free with the purchase of a PassMark USB 3.0 loopback plug (See USB 2.0 loopback plug pricing details)
  • Platforms: Windows 7, 8 & 10. Linux is not supported.
  • Requirements: 128MB RAM, 1MB Disk space


USB2Test is an easy to use Windows based application that allows users to quickly check that all the USB ports on their PC are functioning correctly and allows them to determine the maximum speed of these ports (and hence whether they are configured as expected).

USB2Test is designed for use in conjunction with PassMark's USB 2.0 loopback plug and will will test both USB 1.x and USB 2.0 ports at Full-speed (up to 12Mb/s) and USB2.0 ports at High-speed (up to 480Mb/s) rates.

USB2Test when used together with a USB 2.0 loopback plug has the following features:

  • A loopback mode where a user controlled (start/stop) number of data packets may be looped for reliability testing. 
  • A benchmark mode where the maximum read and write speeds are determined for a user selected port. Ten packets are written out the USB port and ten packets are read from the USB 2.0 loopback plug.
  • Selection from a list of USB ports that have PassMark USB 2.0 loopback plugs connected.
  • User selectable loopback verification or no verification.
  • Saving of loopback and benchmark result data to a user specified file.
  • The display of port information, such as, HighSpeed (up to 480 Mb/s) or FullSpeed (up to 12Mb/s).
  • The display of loopback results, such as the number of packets looped, number of verification failures and the number of recoverable errors (ie. re-transmission).
  • The display of benchmark results, such as the result for each of the twenty packets sent/ received and the overall benchmarked result.
  • A comprehensive help file.

The USB2Test utility can only be used with the PassMark USB 2.0 loop back plug.

Testing using the USB 2.0 loopback plug - software comparison

The USB 2.0 loopback plug may be used with either:

A comparison of both software applications in respect of USB testing is shown below.

Feature USB2Test V1.0
or above
BurnInTest V4.0 Pro
or above
HighSpeed (USB 2.0) or FullSpeed (USB 1.x) port indication Yes Yes
USB 1.x and 2.0 loopback testing Yes Yes
USB 1.x and 2.0 Benchmarking Yes No
Supports PassMark USB 2.0 loopback plug Yes Yes
Supports PassMark USB loopback plug No Yes
Supports simultaneous testing of multiple USB ports No Yes
Support simultaneous testing of multiple PC components No (USB only) Yes
Scripting of test runs No Yes
Logging Yes. Basic results Yes. User selectable detail. Real time.
Error reporting Yes. Basic errors. Yes. Greater detail of error type reporting. User definable error classifications and text.
User configuration of loopback test data Yes No (Random data)
Window 7, 8 and 10 support Yes Yes
Linux support No No