PerformanceTest Linux - FAQ

We've compiled answers to commonly asked questions in our PerformanceTest FAQ below. You can also discuss any questions or suggestions you may have at our PerformanceTest Discussion and Support forums, as well as read solutions for issues that have been previously answered.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at

How to launch PerformanceTest from the command line?

1. Open a new terminal window.
2. Change your working directory by typing "cd path_to_performance_test_folder".
3. Run the program by typing "./pt_linux_x64" or "./pt_linux_arm32" or "./pt_linux_arm64"

Command Line Arguments

Advanced users can manually change the Number of Test Processes, Test Duration, Number of Test Iterations, enable debug logging, and Autorun using command line arguements

-p [1-1024]: Number of Test Processes to run. Setting more test threads than your system supports will force test duration to Very Long.

-i [1-100]: Number of Test Iterations to run

-d [1-4]: [Short, Medium, Long, Very Long]

-r [1-3]: [CPU only, Memory only, All tests] Autorun tests and export scores to [results_cpu.yml, results_memory.yml, results_all.yml]

-debug: PerformanceTest will output debug information to debug.log file. Upload is disabled in debug mode since debugging can affect scores.

e.g. Run PerformanceTest using "./pt_linux_x64 -p 4 -i 5 -d 2 -r 1 -debug"

Will using autorun (-r) upload the results?

No. Autorun will only export results to a file, it will not upload the results. To upload results, run PerformanceTest in manual mode i.e. without -r flag. Run all tests and select "Yes" when prompted to upload your results.

Why are the tests not running?

Tests will not run until started by the user. The control menu is located at the bottom of the program. If your terminal window is too small the control menu may be cut off. Increase the size of your window until the control menu is visible.

Use these keys to control the program:
"A: Run All Tests C: Run CPU Tests M: Run Memory Tests U: Upload Test Results"

Permission denied when trying to run from command line?

You need to enable execution permission for the file.
Run "sudo chmod +x ./pt_linux_x64" or "sudo chmod +x ./pt_linux_arm32" or "sudo chmod +x ./pt_linux_arm64"

Cannot execute binary file when trying to run from command line?

Make sure you have downloaded the correct version for your cpu architecture.
Intel/AMD (64-bit) systems use "pt_linux_x64".
Intel/AMD (32-bit) systems not supported.
ARMv7/ARMv8 (32-bit) systems use "pt_linux_arm32".
ARMv8 (64-bit) systems use "pt_linux_arm64".

Where should I place the executable file?

If you download PerformanceTest Linux directly from this website it will be in your downloads folder. You can run it from the downloads folder or place it anywhere on your system.

Missing libncurses5 library in Ubuntu 21.10

Missing libcurses5 library can be installed in Ubuntu 21.10 using;
"sudo add-apt-repository universe"
"sudo apt-get install libncurses5"

Missing libncurses5 library in RedHat

Missing libcurses5 library can be installed in RedHat using;
"sudo yum install ncurses-compat-libs"

I have only libncurses6 installed

You will need to install libncurses5 for Linux distributions with libncurses6 for compatability.