PerformanceTest Mac Download


Fast, easy to use, system speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest™ for Mac allows you to objectively benchmark you Apple Mac using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to others.

  • With support for both Intel based and new Apple Silicon devices.
  • Compare the performance of your device to other devices online at
  • Compare CPU performance with our existing database of CPU's. Tests results are comparable cross platform with the Windows version.
  • The full suite of CPU tests from our Windows version is now available for free on macOS.

    CPU Test Suite
  • Integer Maths Test
  • Floating Point Maths Test
  • Finding Prime Number Tests
  • Sorting Test
  • Encryption Test
  • Compression Test
  • Physics Simulation Test
  • Extended Instructions Test (SSE, AVX, AVX512, FMA, NEON) (Depending whether x86 or ARM)
  • CPU Mark: an aggregate mark to easily compare overall CPU perfromance between systems.
    Memory Test Suite
  • SQL Database Operations
  • Memory Read Cached
  • Memory Read Uncached
  • Memory Write
  • Available RAM
  • Memory Latency
  • Memory Threaded
  • Memory Mark: an aggregate mark to easily compare overall Memory perfromance between systems.

System Requirements

  • Mac App: macOS 11.0 or later
  • Command Line Tool: macOS 10.14 or later


  • Which version of PerformanceTest should I use?
    We advise most users to use the GUI version, available through the Mac App store.
    Advanced users and users aiming to automate the testing process can instead opt for the command line version.

  • Running the command line version
    The first time you run the "pt_mac" executable you will see a warning

    1. ctrl (or right) click on "pt_mac" and select "open"
    2. Click open on the message that appears

  • How to launch the PerformanceTest Command Line Tool from terminal
    1. Open a new terminal window.
    2. Change your working directory by typing "cd path_to_performance_test_folder".
    3. Run the program by typing "./pt_mac"

  • Command Line Arguments (Command Line Utility Only)
    Advanced users can manually change the Number of Test Processes, Test Duration, Number of Test Iterations, enable debug logging, and Autorun using command line arguements

    -p [1-256]: Number of Test Processes to run. Setting more test threads than your system supports will force test duration to Very Long.

    -i [1-100]: Number of Test Iterations to run

    -d [1-4]: [Short, Medium, Long, Very Long]

    -r [1-3]: [CPU only, Memory only, All tests] Autorun tests and export scores to [results_cpu.yml, results_memory.yml, results_all.yml]

    -debug: PerformanceTest will output debug information to debug.log file. Upload is disabled in debug mode since debugging can affect scores.

    e.g. Run PerformanceTest using "./pt_linux_x64 -p 4 -i 5 -d 2 -r 1 -debug"

  • Why are the tests not running? (Command Line Tool Only)
    Tests will not run until started by the user.
    The control menu is located at the bottom of the program.
    If your terminal window is too small the control menu may be cut off. Increase the size of your window until the control menu is visible.

    Use these keys to control the program:
    "A: Run All Tests    C: Run CPU Tests    M: Run Memory Tests    U: Upload Test Results"