Product Code PM080
PCIe Standard Gen2 and Gen1 (also compatible with Gen3 and Gen4, running at Gen2 speeds)
Plug and play Compliant
Physical connector x1 and x4 PCIe edge connectors (card can be flipped)
PCIe Transfer modes DMA - Direct memory access
Clock speed 166MHz
Device memory 96KB of high speed integrated LSRAM
ADC Sample Rate 1MHz per channel, dual channel (up to 2 million voltage measurements per second)
No. of Channels 2 (up to 2 channels can be measured simultaneously)
No. of Measurement Sources 6 (Voltage rails & Temperature)
Voltage Rails Monitored 12V PCIe, 3.3V PCIe, 3.3Vaux, 12V PSU, 5V PSU
ADC Resolution 12 bits
Dimensions Package dimensions 85mm x 45mm x 12mm (3.4 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches) 140mm x 69mm x 20mm (5.5 x 2.7 x 0.8 inches)
Weight 12 bits
Top Side
Green LEDs for each 12V pin (5)
Red LED = 12V out of spec'd range
Green LEDs for each 3.3V pin (3)
Red LED = 3.3V out of spec'd range
Green LED for 3.3V aux rail
Green LED for 12V PSU rail (from Molex/SATA connector)
Red LED = 12V out of spec'd range
Green LED for 5V PSU rail (from Molex/SATA connector)
Red LED = 5V out of spec'd range
Bottom Side
Yellow LED = TX Activity
Green LED = RX Activity
Red LED = I/O Error
Orange LED = Sleep
Green LED = PCIe Gen2/3
Yellow LED = Misc
Green LED = Loopback Mode
Yellow LED = Benchmark Mode
Orange LED = Oscilloscope Mode
EMC standards AS/NZS 3548:1995, EC.
Storage Temperature -30 ºC to 80 ºC
Usage Temperature 0 ºC to 70ºC
Max speed 5 Gbits/sec per lane
Model number PMPCIE02
RoHS (Lead free) Yes, see compliance page
C-Tick Compliance Tested Yes


4-pin female MOLEX to 15-pin male SATA adapter for connecting the on-board MOLEX to PSU SATA outputs.
PCIeTest software and Windows Drivers
PCIe Test Card user guide and instructions


Windows 32bit & 64bit: Windows 7, 8 & 10 are supported.
Linux: Compatible with BurnInTest for Linux V3.4 and above. See here for detailed list of supported Linux distributions.

Windows XP, Vista and Mac are not supported.

In order to use the PCIe Test Card you also need one of the following 3 software applications.

A) BurnInTest Professional v8.1 or higher
B) BurnInTest for Linux V3.4 or higher
C) The free stand alone PCIeTest software for Windows. Download here

Alternative PCIe Test Cards

For a card that is capable of testing Gen3, Gen2 and Gen 1 (also compatible with Gen4 and Gen 5, running at Gen3 speeds), we have a PCIe Gen3 Test Card available.