PassMark BurnInTest for Linux x86 - What's New?

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Version 5.0 build 1011 - 19 April 2024

  • 2D Graphics, Fixed issue where video memory test failed to start due to incorrect parameters
  • Management console, Fixed crash when connecting a machine with many components (especially drives)
  • Management console, Increased number of system information lines sent to a max of 64
  • Temperature, Added possible support for drive temps connected to a HBA

Version 5.0 build 1010 - 3 April 2024

  • Temperature, Fixed issue where temperatures for newer AMD CPUs were not being displayed
  • USB, Fixed High Speed option taking too run when using USB3 plug
  • Fixed issue where USB & network tests did not stop when using cycle count to stop test run
  • Fixed issue setting report information fields for command line version

Version 5.0 build 1009 - 26 March 2024

  • Disk, Fixed issue where disk test location was using Firefox dictionary mount location on Ubuntu 22.04
  • Temperature, Fixed issue where disk temperatures were not being processed properly
  • Fixed possible crash when launching BITLinux on machine with a Non-VGA unclassified device

Version 5.0 build 1008 - 9 November 2023

  • Fixed issue when cycles to stop testing did not work when Temperature test was running
  • Fixed issue where cycle count did not display on interim result reports
  • Fixed disconnected drives still appearing in preferences disk tab

Version 5.0 build 1007 - 24 October 2023

  • Advanced Network Test, Added error if no NICs are select for testing
  • Disk, Generating an error if 'Input/Output error' occurs when running CD/DVD/BD test
  • Disk, Fixed issue where no error was displayed when disk is removed during the CD test
  • Scripting, Fixed issue where EXIT command was not closing BIT after testing

Version 5.0 build 1006 - 3 July 2023

  • Sound test, prevent a possible infinite loop
  • Fix bug where 'exceeded max CPU limit' is always considered an error even when set as 'information/none'
  • Preferences, fixed crash after running endpoint check test and closing before finish
  • Preferences, fixed issue in Network tab where Standard/Advanced network test selection was not updating
  • Advanced network test, fixed bug where settings were not saved/updated properly
  • Advanced network test, fixed issue where test could not connect to Endpoints
  • Advanced network test, fixed issue where test was still communicating to Endpoints after overall testing has stopped
  • Advanced network test, fixed bug where test was enabled after closing preferences window
  • Updated help file to include adv network test details
  • Updated older help pages to reflect current version of BIT Linux

Version 5.0 build 1005 - 17 April 2023

  • Plugins, fixed compiling of example plugin due to obsolete status values
  • Logging, Added plugin name to log files (using OUT_szWindowTitle)
  • Logging, added temperature output to log files (when temperature test is selected to run)
  • Fixed an issue where GPU memory test would not start if path had spaces
  • Added logging in situations where memtest executable does not exist
  • Added some missing help pages (temperature, battery, 2D graphics, acknowledgments)

Version 5.0 build 1004 - 31 March 2023

  • Fixed crash when trying to gather CPU information
  • Changed trace filename to match log file while using LogPrefix
  • Fixed issue where low memory error was logged even went set to information/none
  • Fixed 'no operations reported in timeout period'error caused by checking status after test completion
  • Increased max cpu-math threads to 1024 from 16

Version 5.0 build 1003 - 3 January 2023

  • Fixed temperature error being logged in command line version even when temperature test was turned off
  • Fixed an issue where commenting out the the section in the command line config wasn't turning off the temperature test
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when not using the AutoSelectSensors option in the command line config and a manually entered sensor was not found
  • Fixed a potential issue where the 3D test could stop redrawing

Version 5.0 build 1002 - 2 December 2022

  • Management console, added more system information sent at connection time (RAM details, HDD details, Battery)
  • Fixed an issue where no video card information was displayed on systems with more than one card
  • Fixed system summary showing RAM details as MB instead of GB in some cases
  • Command line version, added version number to header
  • Command line version, improved error message when registration failed when using a key.dat file

Version 5.0 build 1001 - 11 November 2022

  • Fixed a crash at startup when collecting system information if "pvs" tool was missing

Version 5.0 build 1000 - 7 November 2022

  • *New* Advanced network test and endpoint utility
  • *New* Updated RAM test based on Windows version that uses a separate executable (up to 4 instances) for testing. This greatly increases testing speed, will allow better management of the amount of RAM under test and hopefully avoiding triggering the OOM killer on some Linux distributions where it is overly aggressive
  • *New* Battery Test, added battery information collection and test
  • *New* Battery graph tab, added battery charge/discharge graph (requires QtCharts to be installed)
  • *New* Temperature Test, check selected temperature sensors don't exceed set thresholds
  • *New* Temperature graph tab, added temperature sensors graph (requires QtCharts, lm-sensors (CPU temps), hddtemp or smartctl (HDD temps) to be installed)
  • *New* Added watchdog thread that checks each test operations count is increaing and will log a "No operations" error if the operations count stops increasing
  • *New* 2D GPU RAM Test, added OpenCL test for GPU RAM, similar to the BurnInTest windows version
  • 3D test, changed to be based on QOpenGLWidget/QOpenGLFunctions that allows the 3D test to be used on both OpenGL and OpenGl-ES systems and removes the dependency on the QT5OpenGL library
  • 2D Lines and bitmaps test, made the individual sub tets of the 2D test run a bit longer each cycle
  • Sound test, updated to use stereo audio instead of mono
  • Sound test, changed the underlying methods used for accessing the sound hardware to better support some Linux distributions
  • USB Test, added "Automatically select all" option, detected USB devices, USB3 speed choice & cycle options to configuration options
  • USB Test, added USB3 benchmark to start of USB3 test
  • USB Test, updated test window information displayed, simplified display of loopback, read and write benchmark values, added firmware info
  • Disk Test - added block size selection to preferences
  • Disk Test - Better btrfs support, new way to get used/free space for btrfs disks to try and prevent issues with disks reporting as full
  • Serial Test, changed RTS/DSR testing option to be two separate options
  • Serial Test, removed an extra sleep in the middle of a testing cycle that was slowing down higher baud speeds disproportionately
  • System info, fixed an issue where RAM was reported as MB instead of GB on some systems
  • Management console, added session and result IDs to log and status message on successful connection. Also checks for errors on status/result message updates
  • Plugins, fixed plugin reporting the wrong error string for a no operations error ("General instruction operation verification failed" was being reported)
  • Scripting, added SETSERIALPORTS command for setting serial port test via scripting
  • PC test kit build, when running in debug mode will now place log at /mnt/pctestkitusb/debug.log instead of working directory

Version 4.1 build 1002 - 9 November 2021

  • Serial test, changed buffer size for test to 64 bytes due to some serial changes made in Linux Kernel 5.12 and newer that was causing reads to fail for >64 bytes
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing scripts with multiple RUN actions from continuing after the first RUN
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent removal of some serial port names from the list in the test preferences

Version 4.1 build 1001 - 17 March 2020

  • Added btrfs support for the disk test
  • Enabled the ExcludeDisks setting in the command line config to exclude partitions/disks from being tested when using the TestAllDisks option

Version 4.1 build 1000 - 6 June 2019

  • Removed dependency on QtWebkit and QtWebKitWidgets from the GUI version which should make it easier to install on newer Linux versions where the library was no longer available

Version 4.0 build 1005 - 10 April 2019

  • Added logging of PCIe card temperature and voltage readings each cycle to the trace log (level 1)
  • Made some changes to how disks are displayed in the test preferences window to try and prevent strange behaviour when there was a large number of unmounted devices present on a system, only mounted / raw drives will be displayed.
  • Made some changes so that more partition information is collected for nvme drives and displayed in the system information
  • Fixed an issue where the default config file may start an empty disk test rather than selecting the root mount path
  • Fixed an issue where when running multiple serial port tests one or more ports could be left open after the test was stopped which could prevent retesting until BurnInTest was closed
  • Fixed a bug with the result window not displaying when manually stopped even if the "Always display result window" preference was selected
  • Fixed a bug where the result window would not display after the end of a script

Version 4.0 build 1004 - 2 August 2018

  • Fixed an issue with the management console configuration not accepting the new PHP filename
  • Updated error message when BurnInTest fails to start due to non-ASCII characters in path
  • Fixed a bug with post test external application action not always being launched correctly from then command line version
  • Fixed a bug preventing the management console connection from connecting properly
  • Added MachineID field to cmdline_config.txt to allow setting of of management console machine ID in text config file
  • Added -MGT command line parameter to allow setting of management console machine ID

Version 4.0 build 1003 - 11 April 2018

  • Added support for longer serial port names (eg TTYXRUSB0)
  • Fixed a bug where the PCIe test was not displaying a "No operations" error if there were no operations during testing. This could occur if the wrong kernel driver was installed (using the V1 driver with a card with V2 firmware)

Version 4.0 build 1002 - 3 October 2017

  • Fixed a crash that could occur on some systems at startup when collecting memory system information
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the libusb library at startup on some systems (seen on Fedora 26)
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent serial port names being removed from the GUI test preferences

Version 4.0 build 1001 - 24 August 2017

  • Added machine serial number to log file (when available)
  • Added video card name, disk info, optical drive info to the customer certificate
  • Changed PCIe test min/max reporting to be more accurate
  • Fixed a bug preventing the duty cycle and time being set to 0 (run forever) from the command line
  • Fixed a bug where if the %SYSTEMSERIAL% (or other flag) was used in the log file name preferences then it wasn't being replaced correctly when choosing to save the log file directly from the file menu
  • Fixed a bug where if the %SYSTEMSERIAL% (or other flag) was used in the log file name preferences and the customer certificate option was selected then it wasn't being replaced properly in the filename when the file was created
  • using the "Save Results report" menu item

Version 4.0 build 1000 - 18 May 2017

  • Tested and updated for new Linux distributions, with the minimum requirement now being kernel V3.1 64bit.
  • Support for 32bit has been dropped, but older V3 32bit releases are still available
  • Updated user interface to use QT5 (5.6.1)
  • Added support for the BurnInTest Management Console.
    Which allow for test results to be uploaded to a centralised SQL database on company premises.
  • Added periodic logging setting to logging options in BurnInTest preferences
  • Added post-test options to BurnInTest preferences.
    Can now choose the auto/manual stop actions and external applications to run for pass and failure cases.
  • Increased amount of system information collected and displayed (in particular for RAM, network cards and hard drives).
  • Changed system information network output so all network cards are displayed (not just active ones with IP address)
  • Filtering out virtual bridge entries from available network devices (virbr)

Version 3.4 build 1002 - 8 November 2016

  • CD test will now display a "Filesystem not mounted" error if specified CD device is not available
  • Made some changes to USB3 test to avoid USB connection errors at test start
  • Some changes were made to USB3 test start up and connection phase to slow down the process and give the Linux USB library time to process the requests before heavily loading with the send/received requests
  • The first 40 packets sent during the USB3 test will have a 10 millisecond sleep per packet to stop the Linux USB library being put under too much load while connecting plugs

Version 3.4 build 1001 - 4 October 2016

  • Made some changes to the serial test so that hardware flow control is disabled before checking the RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR lines respond as expected to being set high/low. This was required due to some Moxa PCIe serial cards not being able to allow manual setting of RTS/DSR lines when hardware flow control is enabled.
  • A message will now be logged when trying to run a script file with no RUN commands defined
  • Added the Pass/Fail result window to the GUI version after a script is run (if the EXIT command is not used)

Version 3.4 build 1000 - 2 September 2016

  • PCIe test changed to be compatible with the PCIe card firmware and driver version 2. PCIe cards with older firmware need to use an older version of BurnInTest and driver or have their firmware updated.
  • Increased the timeout when waiting for serial port status changes (eg CTS/RTS checks) to match the windows version of BurnInTest (30 millseconds)
  • Fixed a possible bug where flow control error (RTS/CTS etc) errors could be logged after the test has been stopped

Version 3.3 build 1003 - 22 June 2016

  • Added support for latest USB3 plug firmware (v2.0) which improves throughput
  • Added MESSAGE script command support to GUI version of BurnInTest Linux
  • Edited the BITCertificateTemplate.html file so that is using Linux carriage returns only (instead of a mix of Linux and DOS style)
  • Fixed some possible deadlock situations in the sound test
  • Changed some disk test error logging output to be more clear, file size, number of blocks and block size will now be printed at the start of normal log.
  • Added NVMe disk support
  • When opening a command line config file the config values are now set to defult value before processing the text based configuration file to prevent some situations where some config values could be left blank (such as the sound test device name)

Version 3.3 build 1002 - 7 January 2016

  • Added ZFS support to disk test
  • Added PCIE duty cycle keyword to command line config text file
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to run the PCIE test in the command line version when there was an invalid duty cycle value
  • Fixed a bug where the command line version wasn't reading in decimal values for AutoStopTime correctly

Version 3.3 build 1001 - 16 November 2015

  • Added some extra system information to log files and customer certificates
  • Added a workaround when gathering system information to prevent reporting an incorrect number of DIMMs
  • Added -b command line option to set disk test blocksize as KB (eg -b 16 is 16384 byte block size)
  • Fixed a small memory leak in the disk test

Version 3.3 build 1000 - 4 August 2015

  • Added PCIe test card support (requires a separate driver to be compiled and installed)
  • Fixed a bug where the timestamped log file option in the command line configuration was not being enabled properly

Version 3.2 build 1004 - 11 June 2015

  • Fixed a crash when there are more than 120 disk test entries in the command line config file
  • Fixed a bug with the logging output of disk test operations

Version 3.2 build 1003 - 28 May 2015

  • Enabled setting serial ports test speed up to 921600 in command line config file
  • Fixed display of command line disk test statistics

Version 3.2 build 1002 - 27 April 2015

  • Changed default block size in disk test from disk preferred (gathered from system information) to 16KB default to increase speed of testing
  • Changed behaviour of the disk test to only change patterns after the disk has been filled (rather than after each test file) to match the BurnInTest windows behaviour
  • Added the command line option -J to allow the disk test pattern to be changed after each test file when used with the Cyclic pattern to match the BurnInTest windows behaviour
  • Improved the speed the disk test will run at while lowering CPU resources required
  • Disk test information screen in command line version will now display what pattern is currently in use when the cyclic pattern option is used
  • Increased the width of the test preferences if there is available screen room so all tabs are displayed
  • Added test preferences option to set sound device name, this should be left as the default value but may need to be changed in rare cases
  • Disk test default duty cycle now set to 100%
  • Fixed a bug where the multiple files (time stamped) option wouldn't be displayed as enabled next time the test preferences was opened
  • Fixed a display error where the cycle count for the selected disk was not being updated in the disk test window
  • Fixed a bug where the parameter for EXECUTE script command was not always being passed correctly
  • Fixed a bug preventing -K command line flag from being correctly enabled
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when running the disk test and not having permission to create the test file (eg running as a non-root user without sudo)
  • Fixed a display error of SMBIOS information on some systems where a warning message about the SMBIOS version was displayed instead of the system information

Version 3.2 build 1001 - 24 October 2014

  • Made some changes so BurnInTest waits longer for the memory test to finish cleaning up during the stop/closing tests process
  • Made a change to the start test button so it can no longer trigger multiple start test messages
  • Fixed a bug when outputting the location of a memory verify error in the trace log, the buffer starting location was being printed and not the location where the error occurred
  • Fixed a bug where an extra CPU test thread was being started
  • Fixed a bug in the serial port test where a longer than expected sleep during the test phase could reduce the overall throughput of the test
  • Fixed a bug in the serial port results display where very low baud rates would not display a throughput speed of less than 100 bytes/sec
  • Fixed a crash on exit, BurnInTest would attempt to close a libusb handle without checking it was successfully opened, in some cases this could cause a crash during the exit process.

Version 3.2 build 1000 - 26 September 2014

  • Added plugin support
  • Updated the optical test to work with passmark blu-rays
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when using USB2 plugs on USB3 expansion cards, starting a new test after stopping the previous one could see the plugs left in an unusable state and the new test would not be able to open the USB2 plug for testing.
  • Fixed a file handle resource leak in the USB2 test (when using the benchmark option) that could eventually see the plugs unable to be opened when switching between loopback and benchmark mode and log an error.
  • Fixed a bug with the serial port test where DSR wasn't always checked for the expected state
  • Changed the way disk tests set unbuffered reads/writes when opening a file

Version 3.1 build 1002 - 28 October 2013

  • Made some changes to the USB test so on some systems that don't have �/proc/bus/usb� information the test will now start correctly
  • Made some changes to the USB3 test start process, on some systems the USB3 plugs are slow to re-enumerate after BurnInTest configures them and could cause a connection error while the test was starting, this was more apparent when running on a live system (eg USB boot)
  • Fixed a bug in the GUI versions where scripts were not being launched correctly from the menu item after BurnInTest was running (scripts launched from the command line were unaffected)
  • Fixed a bug where a very large number of available network ports could cause a crash
  • Added a new error message and fixed a crash when libusb fails to start, BurnInTest will now run but the USB tests will be disabled if libusb is unable to be accessed
  • Added a -B command line flag so the command line version can be run in the background (eg using &), this means all user input is turned off so if no start/finish time is set BurnInTest will run indefinitely

Version 3.1 build 1001 - 5 August 2013

  • Added benchmark mode to USB2 test as part of each cycle as well as a new options to enable/disable the benchmark component of the test
  • Can now edit the "ttyS" edit field in the serial port setting in the GUI versions to add differently named serial ports eg ttyUSB
  • Added sound loopback test
  • Made some changes to how parallel ports are detected and selected for testing will now scan the /proc/sys/dev/parport directory for available parallel ports
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing BurnIntest from getting the IPs of available NICs caused by changes in the way ifconfig displays NIC information (Fedora 18)
  • Fixed an issue where running the memory test in the 32bit build of BurnInTest when run in conjuction with other tests could fail with an "Error allocating RAM" error.

Version 3.1 build 1000 - 6 February 2013

  • Added USB3 loopback plug support
  • Updated the USB library BurnInTest uses from libusb0.1 to libusb1
  • Changed behaviour so if the number of cpus/cores cannot be determined a warning will be logged and 1 CPU test thread will started by default
  • Fixed a crash on startup in the GUI version if "Error by category" under the "View" menu was enabled
  • Fixed a bug in the network settings where the address for 4 & 5 were linked to the wrong checkbox
  • Fixed a bug where raw hard disks were not being correctly counted and would not be displayed for selection in the test preferences or start the test as expected

Version 3.0 build 1007 - 7 November 2012

  • Fixed a bug where the command line version could crash when a USB drive was mounted at start up
  • Fixed a bug where using a long logging file path in the command line configuration file could cause the BurnInTest command line version to stop working
  • Fixed a bug preventing the CD and serial tests from starting correctly
  • Added some extra information to trace level 1 logging when closing a serial port fails

Version 3.0 build 1006 - 17 September 2012

  • Added keywords so a memory test pattern can be specified in the command line configuration
  • Increased the amount of disk tests that can be run to 120
  • Added ability to test network drives (CIFS, NFS, SMBFS)
  • Changed command line version to check for mount point or device when specifying a disk test in the command line config file
  • Added %DATE% and %SYSTEMSERIAL% flags for use in creating log names and paths
  • Added "Test all raw disks" to disk test preferences and a new keyword for the disk test section of the command line configuration
  • Added test pattern and file size settings for use with "Test all" options
  • Changed behaviour of BurnInTest when the configuration file can't be saved, instead of warning and exiting only the warning is displayed and BurnInTest will continue to run
  • Fixed a bug where the filesize for the hard disk test could not be set below 1% in the command line version
  • Fixed a bug where the number of CPUs in the system information could be incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where the 32bit version of BurnInTest could try and allocate more RAM than 32buit process can access if there was more than 4GB of RAM on the system
  • Fixed a bug in the command line version where if a hard disk was not mounted the error was displayed in the user interface but not logged correctly
  • Fixed a crash when the disk test and text format logging is enabled and there are no raw disks detected on the system
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect disk name could be printed in the log file when using text format logging
  • Fixed a bug where the memory pattern could be reset to cyclic each time BurnInTest was started

Version 3.0 build 1005 - 10 May 2012

  • Fixed a bug in memory information display where motherboards with multiple banks of memory where being incorrectly parsed
  • Fixed a bug where error messages were not always displayed correctly in the command line version
  • Clarified USB test error to indicate root permissions are needed to run the test
  • Changed how USB test threads are allocated a USB plug to test to avoid timing issues when the tests start
  • Changed how the available USB plugs are detected to fix a bug where some Linux systems no longer support usbdevfs (eg Fedora 16)

Version 3.0 build 1004 - 15 March 2012

  • Fixed a bug in the command line text configuration, the CPU test sections were not being disabled when commented out
  • Fixed a bug in command line config where more than 40 disk entries could cause a crash
  • Fixed a bug in the disk test where when running multiple disk tests BurnInTest could occasionally fail to retrieve the available free space and report that the drive was not mounted.
  • Fixed a bug in the RAW disk test, random seeking pattern (32 bit only), where a seek error could be reported incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug in the 32bit versions where memory information was being reported incorrectly on systems with more than 4GB of RAM

Version 3.0 build 1003 - 5 October 2011

  • Changed how available disks are detected and displayed in the test preferences in order to display large numbers of available disks
  • Changed how disk test preferences are stored
  • Fixed a bug in the command line version where the correct number of CPU tests were not started in some cases
  • Fixed a bug with the network test where in some situations a checksum error could be logged even though no error occured.

Version 3.0 build 1002 - 9 September 2011

  • Fixed a bug with the scripting where when launching a script from the command line sometimes the script would launch the tests twice at the same time
  • Changed the behaviour of the serial port test to prevent situations where the test could freeze rather than throw an error (only when using custom test plugs)
  • Fixed a bug in the parallel test where if the port address was not set to a default value the sent/received count would not be displayed correctly
  • Some changes to the serial port test were made to match the windows behaviour, if an error is encountered the test will now continue after closing and re-opening the serial connection
  • Some timeout changes were made in the serial test to prevent the test pausing rather then timing out in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the test configuration window could crash if there were more than 40 hard disks / partitions detected on the system
  • Fixed a bug where multiple "Device" keywords could be added to the same "<Test>" module of the disk test section of the command line configuration. This would cause the disk test to start with incorrect parameters.
  • Changed how the disk test files were deleted to improve the speed of deletions when cleaning up old test files

Version 3.0 build 1001 - 10 June 2011

  • When no system info is able to be retrieved a N/A is now displayed
  • Removed incorrect warning message being shown before welcome dialog when evaluation time has expired
  • Changed behaviour so disk test files will be created in the root directory '/' if startup disk is selected for testing
  • Fixed a bug in the command line version when using a non default serial port
  • Fixed a bug in the command line version where raw disk tests could report 0 operations while the test was running
  • Fixed a bug where the CPU test was not always creating the right amount of test threads
  • Fixed a bug where an error message would sometimes not be displayed correctly if an invalid key was used
  • Fixed a bug where some previously saved configuration options would not be loaded correctly next time configuration options were opened
  • Removed some stderr output shown when running the gui version from a terminal

Version 3.0 build 1000 - 17 August 2010

  • New licence keys will be required for version 3 of BurnInTest Linux, please see this page for information to check if you qualify for a free upgrade and more information about upgrading
  • Updated CPU tests to be more inline with current Windows version, including general instructions, FPU, SSE, SSE2 and primes tests
  • Updated user interface to use QT4 (4.6.2)
  • Updated main window to included system information (where available), test results and event log to allow easier access to these items
  • Main window can now be resized
  • Changed event log to color code information and error lines based on severity
  • Added edit error classification function
  • Changed some menu item names and location to be more consistent with the current Windows version
  • Changed the optical CD/DVD/BD test so files should be minimally cached by the operating system during testing (previous versions resulted in much higher than expected read/verify speeds)
  • Increased max limit for Memory test in 64bit version to 256GB and increased the maximum amount locked for testing to 97% of free RAM
  • Changed behaviour of -M (show machine ID and notes entry) command line parameter when used with -R (auto-start tests) so the tests will not execute until the machine ID and notes dialog is closed
  • Added ext4 support for disk test
  • Added test certificate option to logging and HTML template file to the download package
  • Added “Test all hard disk” option to test configuration options in GUI version and new TestAllDisks option in command line config
  • Fixed a bug where the serial port test was not starting correctly in some distributions of linux
  • Fixed a bug in the USB test where a batch of recent USB2 test plugs were not correctly recognised by BurnInTest
  • Fixed a bug in the CD "Data read and verify" test where the test could freeze during the checksum creation if it encountered a 0 length file
  • Fixed a bug where when exiting from a script BurnInTest was not returning the correct error/success code
  • Changed how BiT detects the IP address for a network card to take into account aliased entries, eg when using an IPv6 and an IPv4 address with an aliased entry for the same network card, originally BiT would not pick up the IPv4 address from the alias

Version 2.0 (build 1006) - 10 July 2009

  • Added NTFS to the list of recognised partition types for the disk test, please note that some Linux distribution might not support NTFS or writing to NTFS so the test will not be able to run unless the Linux distribution support read/write for NTFS (for example those that use ntfs-3g)
  • Added -K command line option to keep disk test data files on disk when an error occurs (rather than delete them), best used with the "Stop on error" option
  • Added extra information to trace level 1 logging when a disk verification error is detected
  • Removed disks from the disk test selection when using aufs/unionfs, so BurnInTest won't select these virtual partitions for the disk test by default in live environments
  • Fixed a bug where the CD/DVD test could generate a checksum error after the test had finished when running the Data Checksum & Verify test and the test finished halfway through check summing a file
  • Fixed a bug where the memory test could be run in the wrong mode and not generate any operations during the test, due to a corrupt config setting
  • Corrected some output for trace level 2 of the disk test where some information was not being written out correctly

Version 2.0 (build 1005) - 3 June 2009

  • Fixed a bug where running the CPU test on a machine with more than 16 CPUs could result in corruption of the results
  • Fixed a bug where a corrupt config file could cause odd test behaviour, for example an increasing cycle count but no increase in results or errors. BurnInTest was converting older versions of config files but not flagging them as new, causing them to be converted again next run and therfore corrupting it.

Version 2.0 (build 1004) - 24 April 2009

  • Removed the 2GB file limit for the disk test on 64bit versions
  • Fixed a bug where multiples warnings about having a floppy disk in the drive could be displayed when testing a floppy drive and multiple disk partitions
  • Fixed a bug where opening the test preferences window and starting the tests could add the USB test to the log file even if it wasn't selected to run in the duty cycle / test selection options.
  • Removed CD drives from being listed in the disk test preferences
  • Increased number of disk tests that can be run from 20 to 40
  • Lowered minimum duty cycle for network test, when set to 1 will send ~1 packet / second
  • Added -M command line option to display Machine ID and Notes dialog when BurnInTest is started (GUI version only)
  • Added scrolling in command line version, use up arrow and down arrow to scroll through the displayed test results in some display areas

Version 2.0 (build 1003) - 27 February 2009

  • Fixed a bug where some keys did not register correctly in the 64bit build

Version 2.0 (build 1002) - 11 February 2009

  • Added vmhgfs to the list of partitions types BurnInTest will recognise and display in the Disk tab
  • Fixed a bug where the Pre-Test option to hide/display the warning dialog had the opposite values
  • Fixed a bug where CD's mounted at certain points might not be recognised as a CD drive and not appear in the CD-RW/DVD tab
  • Fixed a bug in the memory test where the cycles count was incresed after the test was flagged to finish, making the final cycle count 1 higher than expected
  • Fixed a bug in the memory test where the One's pattern could sometimes be skipped when cycling through all test patterns
  • Fixed a bug in the command line version where the serial test could display the wrong operations count on the summary screen if there was a disk test running at the same time
  • Fixed a bug with the logging where RAW disk tests could log 0 operations in the command line version
  • Fixed a bug with matching network cards to their IP if each network card isn't connected or doesn't have a current IP
  • Fixed a bug where BurnInTest could exit if the disk test tried to create a test file bigger than 2GB.

Version 2.0 (build 1001) - 10 December 2008

  • Fixed a bug in the random seeking disk test where the same block could be read/written several times in a row instead of another random block
  • Fixed a bug in the random seeking disk test where a read verify error could occur, more likely to happen in small partitions (<50mb)
  • Fixed a bug with the scripting where multiple instances of the same test could be launched
  • Fixed a bug with the scripting where a segfault could occur when using logging
  • Fixed a bug with key entry where extra spaces before/after user name were not being ignored and causing some users name / key pairs to fail validation
  • Fixed a bug where BurnInTest would not launch on SUSE11
  • Removed some warning and message dialogs from the GUI version when running a script

Version 2.0 (build 1000) - 19 November 2008

  • Converted help file to browser based html format
  • Added support for reiserfs and XFS in disk test (previously these were being ignored) and ext4
  • Added -F font size command line parameter
  • Added -D duration (minutes) command line parameter
  • Added -X duration (cycles) command line parameter
  • Added -S script command line paramter
  • Added -p command line parameter to cmd line version, allows update interval to be set
  • Added command line parameters to command line version to match
  • Added USB2 loopback test for use with Passmark USB plugs
  • Added scripting
    • In command line version use command line flag
    • GUI version new menu item under Test menu
  • Removed the default behaviour of BurnInTest to create a debug log and print debug information which reduces load times, on some systems this was the cause of a long pause when starting BurnInTest. Debug mode can be entered by using the -d command line parameter.

Memory Test

  • Improved memory test execution speed significantly
  • Added option for memory test to select test pattern

Disk Test:

  • Added ability to test hard disks that are un-partitioned (Raw hard disk test)
  • Changed disk test window design, added total drive capacity
  • Changed references of MBytes to MB
  • Added ability to display GB instead of MB when a drive is greater than 1 GB
  • Tweaked hard disk duty cycle effect so effect is more linear, decreasing by a small amount from 100 will no longer result in a drastic cut to the speed of the test

Network Test:

  • Increases number of test IP slots to 6
  • Added option "Test All NICs" to bind each network card to an entered IP
  • Tweaked network duty cycle effect so effect is more linear, decreasing by a small amount
    from 100 will no longer result in a drastic cut to the speed of the test
  • Changed MB sent/received to packets to give a clearer picture of how many packets are being
  • Changed flow rate MB/S to packets/s
  • Network test name will now include which eth device is being tested

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where tests could not automatically stop after a certain set amount of cycles when running the CPU test on multi core cpus
  • Fixed a bug with network test errors not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug with the 2D graphics test where the total operations count was incorrect and
    being inflated each cycle resulting in a higher operations count than there actually were
  • Fixed a bug with command line version of disk test when testing multiple devices if the underlying device block size differed the available and total space counts could be calculated wrong and could lead to the disk test causing a "Device Full" error rather than detecting when the device was running out of space and cleaning up files

Version 1.0 (build 1007) - 04 Oct 2006

1. Hang reported when running 2D Graphics test, resulting in 2D Graphics thread and
main thread hanging. All windows will not being updated (grayed out) and remaining
threads continue to run and needs to be killed. This version should fix this issue.

2. Fixed bug where number of CPU is not reported right.

3. Limit maximum file size of Disk test to 2GB.

4. Fixed a bug in Memory test whereby if your attempted test buffer size is less than 128MB,
memory test does not run.

5. If RTS/CTS is disabled, hardware flow control will not be turned on in Serial Port testing.

Version 1.0 (build 1006) - 05 Jul 2006

1. Removed paintEvent function from 2DGraphicsTest. Function is not in used but is being called
everytime the widget needs to paint itself.

2. Removed a while loop in bitmainapp.cpp, whereby it is calling Sleep and processEvent for 1 sec
once memory test thread is created.

3. We now compute parameter for OpenGL redraw outside of the paintGL function. Previously,
if user were to drag a window over the Open GL widget (window), you will see a "speed-up"
effect whereby the spheres will be moving faster. This is now no longer the case.

4. Commented InitSignalHandling() from InitEnv_Main().

5. We show() newly created child test window before we create the thread for the test
(Before, we show() after the thread creation).

6. Re-implemented main thread's paintEvent(). Previously, it is checking to see which thread is
suppose to run and then updating each test window. This is a bug because suppose only 1 thread
has been created so far (and 5 threads are suppose to run), and system wants to update the
main window, it will attempt to update a 5 child windows even though only the 1st window has
been created. Individual child window is now being updated outside the paintEvent function.

Version 1.0 (build 1005) - 04 May 2006

1. Corrected bug whereby the 2D Graphics Test is updating its windows (window->update())
from the main GUI thread!

2. Added optional argument for -R option.
-R: optional argument
Auto-start after delay_msecs. Minimum (and default) is 3000, i.e. 3 secs.
If you specify anything less than 3000 msecs, it will default to 3000 msecs.

./burnintest -R 10000
Auto-start after 10 secs
./burnintest -R
Auto-start after 3 secs (default)

Version 1.0 (build 1004) - 09 March 2006

1. Changed behaviour of how burnintest reports devices. Before, it attempts to
parse the mount point and the mount name to try and extract the last token after "/".
Example, if it is mounted as "/dev/fd0" at "/media/floppy", burnintest reports it
as Media floppy [fd0]. It now reports the full path, i.e. Media (/media/floppy) [/dev/fd0].
There is no gurantee that the monunt point or mount name has a "/" in its path.

2. Added "-R" (or "--autostart") and "-C" (or "--config") command line option.
-R: (no argument)
Auto start without needing to press "Start Test".
-C: (argument needed)
Determines which config file to use.

burnintest -R -C testall.cfg
burnintest --autostart --config=testall.cfg

3. Removed "-d" (or "--debugmode") option. "debug.log" is always created in executable's
directory for debugging purposes. If there is no write permission in executable's
directory, an error prompt will be displayed (instead of segfault).

Version 1.0 (build 1003) - 09 February 2006

1. Changed default settings for Serial Test. Default speed is now 9600baud
and default timeout is 3500 ms.
2. Changed default settings for Network Test. Default error mode is now by ratio.
3. Standardized data type used for RAM.
4. Added glFlush in OpenGL test to force execution of OpenGL commands in finite time.
5. Fixed Pre-Test warning that prompts for Serial Loopback Plugs to be attached to
test unit even though it is a "Detect Only" test.
6. Added texture to 3D Graphics' Spheres.
7. Adjusted material properties and lighting to enhance shadows on spheres for
3D Graphics Test.
8. Changed step size for displacement and rotation so spheres move faster in OpenGL Test.
9. Light source is now rotated to enhance effects.
10. Fixed bug in Preferences: CD-RW/DVD whereby even if a CD/DVD drive is not tested,
it will appear in the main window (not suppose to).
11. Put in extra trace logging for memory test.
12. Put in extra debug logging for memory reporting and system resource limits during startup.
13. Memory test now probes available physical RAM as well as available high RAM.

Version 1.0 (build 1002) - 22 December 2005

1. Released BurnInTest for Linux Version 1.0 (build 1002).
2. Removes excessive debug messages.

Version 1.0 Beta 2 (build 1001) - 24 November 2005

1. Included collect application to help collect debug log for start-up errors.
2. Fixed bug in Disk Test where files are not deleted properly after test finished.
3. #include <X11/Xthreads.h> instead of <pthread.h>.
4. Added "Thank you" dialog once user enter correct username/key.
5. Fixed negative cycle number for serial detect test.
6. Fixed floppies failing because of limited number of files at root directory of floppy.
7. Added build date/time in -v option.
8. Added Linux Distribution name in system header log...whatever appear in your login screen will be here.
9. Fixed bug whereby accumulate log and machine id files were saved in current working directory, which may or may not be the  
application's directory.
10. Fixed bug where in SUSE 10.0, "Clear all results" only clear if "No" was clicked.
11. Synchronized icons with Performance Test as much as possible.

Version 1.0 Beta 1 (build 1000) - 10 November 2005

1. First version released to the world.