PassMark BurnInTest for Linux ARM - What's New?

version 5
version 4

Version 5.0 build 1003 - 3 January 2023

  • Fixed temperature error being logged in command line version even when temperature test was turned off
  • Fixed an issue where commenting out the the section in the command line config wasn't turning off the temperature test
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when not using the AutoSelectSensors option in the command line config and a manually entered sensor was not found
  • Fixed a potential issue where the 3D test could stop redrawing

Version 5.0 build 1002 - 2 December 2022

  • Management console, added more system information sent at connection time (RAM details, HDD details, Battery)
  • Fixed an issue where no video card information was displayed on systems with more than one card
  • Fixed system summary showing RAM details as MB instead of GB in some cases
  • Command line version, added version number to header
  • Command line version, improved error message when registration failed when using a key.dat file

Version 5.0 build 1001 - 11 November 2022

  • Fixed a crash at startup when collecting system information if "pvs" tool was missing

Version 5.0 build 1000 - 7 November 2022

  • *New* Advanced network test and endpoint utility
  • *New* Updated RAM test based on Windows version that uses a separate executable (up to 4 instances) for testing. This greatly increases testing speed, will allow better management of the amount of RAM under test and hopefully avoiding triggering the OOM killer on some Linux distributions where it is overly aggressive
  • *New* Battery Test, added battery information collection and test
  • *New* Battery graph tab, added battery charge/discharge graph (requires QtCharts to be installed)
  • *New* Temperature Test, check selected temperature sensors don't exceed set thresholds
  • *New* Temperature graph tab, added temperature sensors graph (requires QtCharts, lm-sensors (CPU temps), hddtemp or smartctl (HDD temps) to be installed)
  • *New* Added watchdog thread that checks each test operations count is increaing and will log a "No operations" error if the operations count stops increasing
  • 3D test, changed to be based on QOpenGLWidget/QOpenGLFunctions that allows the 3D test to be used on both OpenGL and OpenGl-ES systems and removes the dependency on the QT5OpenGL library
  • 2D Lines and bitmaps test, made the individual sub tets of the 2D test run a bit longer each cycle
  • Sound test, updated to use stereo audio instead of mono
  • Sound test, changed the underlying methods used for accessing the sound hardware to better support some Linux distributions
  • USB Test, added "Automatically select all" option, detected USB devices, USB3 speed choice & cycle options to configuration options
  • USB Test, added USB3 benchmark to start of USB3 test
  • USB Test, updated test window information displayed, simplified display of loopback, read and write benchmark values, added firmware info
  • Disk Test - added block size selection to preferences
  • Disk Test - Better btrfs support, new way to get used/free space for btrfs disks to try and prevent issues with disks reporting as full
  • Serial Test, changed RTS/DSR testing option to be two separate options
  • Serial Test, removed an extra sleep in the middle of a testing cycle that was slowing down higher baud speeds disproportionately
  • System info, fixed an issue where RAM was reported as MB instead of GB on some systems
  • Management console, added session and result IDs to log and status message on successful connection. Also checks for errors on status/result message updates
  • Plugins, fixed plugin reporting the wrong error string for a no operations error ("General instruction operation verification failed" was being reported)
  • Scripting, added SETSERIALPORTS command for setting serial port test via scripting
  • PC test kit build, when running in debug mode will now place log at /mnt/pctestkitusb/debug.log instead of working directory

Version 4.1 build 1000 - 21 October 2020

  • Inital release of BurnInTest Linux for ARM CPUs based on BurnInTest Linux x86 v4.1