Some 3D tests for PerformanceTest V7 use DirectX 9. So what happens in Windows Vista which is shipped with DirectX10?

In addition to the standard Windows Vista DirectX 10 installation, PerformanceTest requires a DirectX9 component.

We distribute PerformanceTest with the DirectX9 component that is required. PerformanceTest uses DirectX9 in order to be compatible with Windows 2000, and Windows XP and older video cards. Microsoft does not include all the DirectX9 interfaces with DirectX10, but they do provide a component for developers like us to install.

Normally this component will be automatically installed along side PT, however if for some reason it isn't then when you run PerformanceTest you just need to select "Yes" when the following message is displayed.

"PerformanceTest requires a DirectX 9.0c component from the October 2006 release of DirectX.
This is required even if you have DirectX 10. This is required for the 3D tests.
To install this component please select Yes.
This may take a minute.
Please note that this will not modify the current DirectX installation, but simply add additional DirectX functions.
To ignore and not display this message in future, please select No.
To ignore this message this time, please select Cancel."

Alternatively, you can run the DXSETUP.exe file that is included in the PerformanceTest install directory to install the DirectX9 component required. This will not overwrite, alter or affect your DirectX10 installation, but instead will add an extra interface into DirectX for DirectX 9.