Why do my results from PerformanceTest V9 differ from my results from previous releases?

There were several changes to the 3D tests and some minor changes to the CPU tests. Because of this, results created with version 8 will be slightly different to version 9.

The weighting of the 3D tests was changed due to the removal of the DX9 simple test and the addition of the DX12 test. The DX9 (complex) test is now weighted lower than the other tests (approx. 25% less). Systems that cannot run the DX12 test will receive a 20% penalty to the overall 3D mark score.

There is a 6.5% scale down of the CPU Mark from PT9 so the results are closer to PT8 results, to compensate for the increased scores in the Extended Instructions and Physics test changes. So the PT8 CPUMark should be broadly comparable to the PT9 CPUMark. Same for the overall PassMark rating. Still, when possible, for improved accuracy, compare PT9 results to PT9 results and PT8 results to PT8 results.

Baseline filess from version 7 will have their values scaled up and down when loaded into PerformanceTest version 9 to approximate the results that may have been obtained with version 8.