During install I get the error, The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist?

Error: The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist

The full error message displayed by the installer is:
"The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist or is not accessible. Please select another"

This error can happen when the user previously performed an installation of the PerformanceTest software to a removable drive (such as a USB drive) then removed the drive. Subsequent installations of the same software on the same machine attempt to update the software on the same drive and same folder (there is no prompt for an installation folder). Because the drive is not connected, an error results.

The solution is to uninstall PerformanceTest first from the Window's "Programs and features" window. An alternative solution is to use the /DIR="<path>" command line option with the installer.

After the software is uninstalled (even with the USB drive not connected) the installer will once again prompt the user for an installation folder.

This error does not occur if you follow our recomended procedure for installing PerformanceTest to a USB drive.

How Can I Setup PerformanceTest to be portable on a USB drive?

PerformanceTest can be setup to be portable and run from a USB flash drive. To do this you first need to install PerformanceTest in the normal fashion to a fixed hard drive. Once installed you can then also make an additional portable copy.

From within PerformanceTest use the menu option "File"->"Install PerformanceTest to a USB drive".

From the "Install PerformanceTest to a USB drive" window, you need to specify:

  1. The USB drive and directory you want to install PerformanceTest to. For example, "F:\PerformanceTest". PerformanceTest will create the directory if it does not exist.
  2. The type of installation. If you have a license key, then select Licensed, otherwise select Evaluation for a trial period.
  3. If you selected a "Licensed" installation type, then enter the Username and Key.

When you select install, PerformanceTest will create the directory on the USB drive (e.g. F:\PerformanceTest), copy all of the files from the PerformanceTest directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\PerformanceTest) to the USB drive (e.g. F:\PerformanceTest) and install the license information onto the USB drive.