How can I make PerformanceTest portable on a USB drive?

Individual licenses

PerformanceTest can be setup to be portable and run from a USB flash drive. To do this you first need to install PerformanceTest in the normal fashion to a fixed hard drive. Once installed you can then also make an additional portable copy.

From within PerformanceTest use the menu option "File"->"Install PerformanceTest to a USB drive".

From the "Install PerformanceTest to a USB drive" window, you need to specify:

  1. The USB drive and directory you want to install PerformanceTest to. For example, "F:\PerformanceTest". PerformanceTest will create the directory if it does not exist.
  2. The type of installation. If you have a license key, then select Licensed, otherwise select Evaluation for a trial period.
  3. If you selected a "Licensed" installation type, then enter the Username and Key.

When you select install, PerformanceTest will create the directory on the USB drive (e.g. F:\PerformanceTest), copy all of the files from the PerformanceTest directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\PerformanceTest) to the USB drive (e.g. F:\PerformanceTest) and install the license information onto the USB drive.