When running the DX11 test I get a "Test aborted due to attempted resolution switch" error message.

The error message will look like this;

PT resolution switch error

This error means that PerformanceTest was interrupted after the test has started by a resolution change notification. We have seen this occur in two circumstances;

  1. Google Hangouts is installed and the mini window is displayed on the current primary monitor (the same monitor the DX11 test will be executed on). This error message can be resolved by closing Google Hangouts or moving it on to another monitor
  2. The intel device driver notification when the monitor resolution is changed to a non-native (optimal) resolution. The Intel device driver displays a warning message in a balloon in the system tray which causes the resolution to switch back and forth. To resolve this error disable the balloon notifications in the intel device driver;
    • Right click the Intel system tray icon
    • Choose Graphics options -> Balloon notifications -> Optimal resolution notification
    • Select the disable option