PerformanceTest crashes when launched, possible causes and solutions.

I have Riva Tuner V6 installed

RivaTuner is a 3rd party graphic card software utility. It does frame rate display and video capture. Riva Tuner is also called Afterburner and Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS). Unfortunately it is also buggy and can cause some 3D applications to crash.

The observed crash occurs in Win10 in d3d9.dll (version 10.0.15063), which Riva presumably hooks into. Other older versions of d3d9.dll are OK it seems.

Crash dump information is
ExceptionAddress: 00007ffe2d52fd0c (d3d9!CSwapChain::Reset)
ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)


Another crash dump seen caused by Riva Tuner
ExceptionAddress: 00007ff96cb9c416 (d3d9!CBaseDevice::GetBackBuffer+0x00000000000000c6))
ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 memory_corruption!d3d9+0x0

Uninstalling RivaTuner / Afterburner can fix the problem. Copying a old version of d3d9.dll (e.g. version 10.0.14393) into the PerformanceTest install folder can also fix the problem.

Update: After contacting the developers of Riva, they have released a fix in their V7 Riva Tuner release. The change from their release notes are, "Hook engine is now using alternate shorter x64 hook trampoline to provide compatibility with Windows 10 Creators Update Direct3D9 runtimes." So this should also fix the problem.

Anti-virus software

Some Anti-Virus/Internet Security configurations have been known in the past to prevent PerformanceTest from running without displaying any message letting the user know what has happened (so no crash, and no error message). Additionally PerformanceTest uses the Internet to download baselines from the web, you may need to unblock HTTP(port 80) for PerformanceTest in your firewall for this functionality to work. This is a rare issue associated with false postives in the anti-virus software and hasn't been seen for the last few years.

No 3D support

PerformanceTest used 3D graphics. But in some cases a system might have no support for 3D graphics. Possible reasons include not having the correct video card device driver installed, using remote desktop software or running in a virtual machine. PerformanceTest makes an attempt to detect the lack of 3D support and antomatically switch to a 2D interface. But you can manually force this behaviour with /NO3D command line flag at start-up if desired.

Failure to collect system information

At startup PerformanceTest attempts to collect information about the system. The CPU type, the RAM type, temperature information and lots of other details. Rarely this process can fail. The following command line flags can be used to disable individual sections of the system information gathering, for faster startup or for bypassing sections that may have a problem.


If you do experience this problem like this, we would like to know about it (maybe we can fix it).

I am using ASUS GPU Tweak 3

GPU Tweak III is a software for adjusting system parameters of NVIDIA and AMD desktop graphics cards, including overclocking, voltage adjustment, fan control, and other functions.

The observed crash occurs when trying to launch the Direct X9 test.

Crash dump information is
Exception Address: 00007ffdca83dc8a (d3d9!CRMHeap::del+0x0000000000000026)
Exception Code: c0000005 (Access violation)

IMAGE_NAME: d3d9.dll

d3d9!CMipMap::`vector deleting destructor'+0xce

AS ASUS GPU Tweak 3 integrates with certain DirectX9 functions, a glitch in Tweak 3 is likely triggering the crashes.

To resolve this issue, you can prevent further crashes by turning off the "OSD" (On-Screen Display) overlay in ASUS GPU Tweak 3 and then reinstalling Performance Test.

Debugging other issues

Please see next item How to collect a debug log to help us with debugging for details on helping us collect a debug log to trace this problem.