Why is the client machine is giving me the error message "Connect Failed"?

The most likely causes are:

  • You forgot to click on the "Go" button on the server
  • In the PerformanceTest Advanced network test window (on the client/sending PC), the IP address entered is incorrect or the port numbers on the client and server PC's do not match. The same port number must be used on both PC's. The IP address of the server PC, must be entered on the client PC.
  • A firewall (eg. Microsoft XP firewall or Norton Internet Security Firewall) is turned on for one or both of the PC's LAN connections and this is blocking a connection. Solution: modify the firewall rules to allow this address, port and protocol through the firewall or switch the firewall off (if appropriate).
  • The network cards are not working. You should check in device manager that your Network cards are shown as "This device is working properly".

Note: To test connectivity between the Client PC and the Server PC try the following: Open a "Command" window on the Client side PC by selecting "Start", "Run", type in "Command". Once you have the "Command" window open, type "ping <IP-Destination>", substituting <IP-Destination> for the IP address of the Server side PC.