What's New?

version 2
version 1

v2.0.1008 Release date: 13th August 2019

  • Added Debug Mode function to log debug strings in USB30TestLog.txt file
  • Fixed a timing issue where the logger object could be accessed before initialization

v2.0.1007 Release date: 8th May 2019

  • Added an option to allow changing the transfer size and queue size in benchmark test
  • Fixed incorrect logging test name for loopback test (benchmark->loopback)
  • Changed the color of logs in loopback test
  • Added two command line options for better logging (/s /l)

v2.0.1006 Release date: 8th February 2018

  • Added "Flash LEDs" button to alow users to identify the selected plug or verifiying that LEDs are working

v2.0.1005 Release date: 13th June 2017

  • Added a firmware validation feature to check firmware corruption

v2.0.1004 Release date: 14th November 2016

  • Disabled U1/U2 sleep modes entry during the test to prevent surge currents needed when power cycling the USB3 PHY transceiver. These surge currents lead to sudden drop in the plug's supply voltage and could result in 8b/10b decoding errors
  • Enabled the reporting of 8b/10b physical layer error

v2.0.1003 Release date: 25th October 2016

  • Improved error recovery mechanism to self-recover from send and receive failures

v2.0.1002 Release date: 30th August 2016

  • Added more details to the test results in loopback and benchmark mode

v2.0.1001 Release date: 22nd August 2016

  • Fixed a bug where a loopback failure could lead to failures in subsequent loopback tests
  • Fixed a bug where changing connection type to 12MB/s wasn't changing the plug's speed (when plug is connected to USB2 ports)
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a plug from the Device List was always forcing the plug to Loopback mode

v2.0.1000 Release date: 17th June 2016

  • Enhanced benchmark result by increasing buffer size and queuing up to 64 transfers
  • Loopback buffer size has increased from 32K bytes to 64K bytes to improve the loopback performance
  • Transfer size has changed from 4M bytes to 2M bytes for bulk endpoints
  • Transfer size has changed from fixed 4M bytes to 80*wBytesPerInterval for SuperSpeed, 128*MaximumPacketSize for High-speed and 64*MaximumPacketSize for Full-speed isochronous endpoints
  • Isochronous endpoint number has fixed to endpoint No. 3
  • Added feature to select the enumeration speed i.e. switching between SuperSpeed(5Gb/s), High-Speed(480Mb/s) and Full-Speed(12Mb/s) is possible via Test application
  • Added low-level error reporting feature in Loopback test
  • Added firmware version information to the log window

v1.0.1006 Release date: 15th March 2016

  • Fixed a synchronisation issue in "read and write" test. Sometimes when running the "read and write" it displays maximum read speed of the previous test
  • Data verfication disabled in benchmark mode due to incorrect throughput measurement in "read and write" test

v1..0.1005 Release date: 16th January 2015

  • Fixed an enumeration issue reported when using loopback plugs via Texas Instruments TUSB8040A and ASMedia ASM1074 hubs; application was failing to enumerate loopback plugs properly and returning frequent errors during benchmark tests.

v1.0.1004 Release date: 22th November 2013

  • Fixed some thread synchronisation issues that could affect the benchmark test. Sometimes when running the "read then write" test it could run similarly to the "read and write" test and the displayed the speed would be half what was expected.
  • Fixed a possible crash when the plug was disconnected during the benchmark tests

v1.0.1003 Release date: 17th May 2013

  • Changed behaviour so when switching to Bulk mode from Isoc the max burst len value is set back to 16 instead of remaining at 1 (this requires a re-enumeration)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the benchmark test from running when multiple instances of USB3Test were open
  • More logging information has been added when an error occurs

v1.0.1002 Release date: 26th February 2013

  • Changed default burst length for bulk endpoint to 16
  • Added a short delay when starting/stopping tests so LCD screen operations are not interrupted
  • Fixed a bug where the voltage/speed display in USB3Test could stop updating
  • Fixed a bug that was causing long lines in the log to overwrite the speed graph instead of being truncated
  • Fixed a bug where the configuration dialog wasn't always re-enumerating plugs when required
  • Fixed a bug where the configuration dialog was making changes to the current configuration even if cancelled
  • Improved stability when running multiples copies of USB3Test, can now check if a plug is already open
  • If the currently open USB plug is re-selected in the list it should no longer close, re-enumerate and re-open the connection to the plug
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing plugs from being correctly identified and connected to in Windows XP

v1.0.1001 Release date: 18th February 2013

  • Changed the way plugs are displayed in the drop down list, now their serial numbers will be displayed
  • Changed verbose logging option to be off by default
  • Improvements made to stability when running multiple copies of USB3Test at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where if benchmark mode was selected before putting the loopback plug into isochronous mode the plug was not correctly set back to loopback mode
  • Fixed a program lockup/crash when using the "Reset all" button
  • Fixed a bug where "Reset all" left the power LED off
  • Fixed a bug where the slider control for loopback load was not updating the displayed value

v1.0.1000 Release Date: 1st February 2013

  • Initial release.