Keyboard Layout Downloads

Note: V3 layouts will need to have their .kbl file converted from UTF-8 to UTF-16 to work with V4.

This page contains a list of available keyboard layouts. These keyboard layouts have been designed for use with the PassMark KeyboardTest software. Each layout can be downloaded separately and contains a bitmap image of the keyboard and a layout file.

To create your own layouts, see the FAQ page and go to 'How do I add a keyboard layout?' and if you like, submit your layouts to to have them added to this page.

Version 4
Version 3
Image Description Creator Download
Logitech G15-R1 Logitech G15-R1 Shaun Keast Logitech G15-R1

(180 KB)

Logitech G15-R2 Logitech G15-R2 Shaun Keast Logitech

(199 KB)

Logitech G19 Logitech G19 Shaun Keast Logitech

(167 KB)

Image Description Creator Download
Storm 2210 standard. Storm 2210 standard.
Vandal resistant keyboard.
Manufactured by Keymat,
Richard from Keymat logo
Richard from Keymat

(103 KB)

BowMan keyboards BowMan
Used in ruggedized laptops
Richard from Keymat logo
Rich Karolick
DRS Tactical Systems

(213 KB)

Panasonic CF-18 Toughbook Panasonic CF-18 Toughbook Travis Holt Panasonic

(70 KB)

W80-RNPDX-DD keyboard Cortron W80-RNPDX-DD keyboard.
Used in military applications
Katie from Lockheed
Martin Tactical Systems

(70 KB)

Northgate OmniKey 101. Northgate OmniKey 101. Douglas Phillips Northgate

(88 KB)

Wyse model KU-8933 USB keyboard. Wyse model KU-8933 USB keyboard. K.C. from N.Z. Wyse

(121 KB)

Positron 912112-821 keyboard. Positron 912112-821 keyboard.
Made in Canada. The 911 operators in North America can use it to communicate with homes of the Deaf. It has an onboard display and tape printer to record the calls
Jeff Hough

(174 KB)

keyboard (85 key combo) with trackball Input Technologies keyboard (85 key combo) with trackball. Kurtis J. Van Kampen Input Technologies

(271 KB)

ACP1221 keyboard ACP1221 keyboard. Used to emulate IBM 5250 and 3270 terminals. With 122 keys, including a double row of function key plus left hand 10 key keypad Carlos Soler

(101 KB)

Compaq Evo N610c Compaq Evo N610c laptop keyboard. English layout, black keyboard with plain white lettering. Wojciech Bania Compaq

(162 KB)

IBM 3179-compatible 122-key IBM 3179-compatible 122-key terminal keyboard, after PS/2 conversion and driver replacement member "kishy"

(422 KB)

IBM 1397000 terminal keyboard IBM 1397000 terminal keyboard Lukstarkiller IBM-1397000.zipx

(80 KB)

Micrsoft Multimedia Keyboard Micrsoft Multimedia Keyboard Errol Mohammed

(105 KB)

UK Desktop PC UK Desktop PC Cad Delworth

(9 KB)

Logitech K800 keyboard Logitech K800 keyboard - Swiss French N.Bierkens

(398 KB)

HP 450 Series Laptop keyboard HP 450 Series Laptop keyboard Patrick L. from LSC Communications HP450 Series

(263 KB)

Acer Aspire 5738Z Laptop Acer Aspire 5738Z Laptop Shaun Keast Acer Aspire 5738Z

(367 KB)

Logitech G15-R1 Logitech G15-R1 Shaun Keast Logitech G15-R1

(179 KB)

Logitech G15-R2 Logitech G15-R2 Shaun Keast Logitech

(198 KB)