ECC Tester

  • Test your ECC error detection and correction mechanisms.
  • Inject single and double bit errors in real-time.
  • Test machines with CPU, Motherboard and DDR4 RAM ECC support.
  • Suitable for use with MemTest86 and BurnInTest.

Why test ECC Memory?

ECC (Error Correction Code) Memory is a type of RAM that automatically detects and corrects memory errors via an extra memory chip. Valued by those who store and manage critical data on workstations and servers, ECC RAM is supposed to have a much lower failure rate and thus, cause fewer crashes.

If you have installed ECC RAM, the PassMark ECC Tester allows you to know whether the error correcting capabilities are functioning as expected.

Comparison of ECC and Non-ECC Ram

Inline ECC Tester and RAM

Test Error Detection and Correction

The PassMark ECC Tester is an DDR4 DIMM interposer, designed to inject single bit and double bit errors in real-time, to challenge and test the error detection and correction mechanism of machines that have CPU, motherboard and RAM sticks with ECC support.

The tester has 4 physical buttons, which can be programmed to inject single errors or a sequence of errors when pressed, as well as choose between disrupting the data or checksum line.

Direct Motherboard Compatability

Designed to house your ECC RAM inline on your motherboard, the ECC Tester acts as an interposer used to inject single and double bit errors. It is also connected to your system via USB, for tracking of results.

With the included USB Connector, users are able to change the ECC Testers setting, monitor voltages on the memory bus and allow MemTest86 and BurnInTest to control error injection.

ECC Tester houding ECC RAM for testing on a motherboard

ECCTest for Windows

Every Purchase of a PassMark ECC Tester includes access to ECCTest for Windows. Functionality includes:

Monitor the voltages on your RAM.

  • Monitor the VTT, VREFCA, VPP, and VDD voltages on the RAM stick.
  • Record and save a log of the voltages on the RAM stick while it is in use.

Customize the type of errors generated.

  • Simple interface to program the type of error generated when a button on the ECC Tester is pressed.
  • Customization options include creating single or periodic errors, as well as correctable or non-correctable errors.

Integrated Software Testing

Test error detection and correction directly within MemTest86 without the need for an operating system. Inject errors with the ECC Tester during your memory tests to see if the system correctly detects ECC errors.

Audio Port

PassMark ECC Tester Guide

This is a demonstration on how to use the PassMark ECC Tester to test your ECC error detection and correction mechanisms.

Right-click to download in MP4 format. 62MB

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