USB 1.0 Loop back plug FAQ

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. The replacement products are the USB 2.0 loop back plug and the USB 3.0 loop back plug. This old information remains here for support purposes

Does the PassMark USB1 loop back plug appear in my Device Manager as a new USB Device ?

Yes, you can see the devices in the Windows device manager. They appear with the label, "PassMark USB Loopback device".
USB plug image

Do these plugs work on Mac, Linux or AS/400 ?

No. The drivers are currently only available for Window. Also, Microsoft doesn't support USB in Windows NT and 95.

Do I need a device driver to use these plugs ?

A device driver is required. It is supplied with the plugs on a floppy disk or it can be downloaded. Windows will prompt for the device driver the first time a plug is used.

Why is there a limit of only 10 plugs in use at the same time ?

The physical limit with USB is 127 devices connected with a tree of USB HUBS. However the BurnInTest software that is used with the USB plugs will, in the current version, only run ten testing threads at the same time. If you have a special application that requires more than ten plugs simultaneously in use please contact us.

Can the plugs be used on PCs with USB2.0 ports ?

Yes, but they will not use the additional bandwidth available in 2.0 and will continue to function at the same speed. If you need to test USB2.0 ports, at USB 2.0 speeds, then we reccomend the USB2.0 loop back plugs.