Subscriptions FAQ

How do subscriptions work?

  • When you are subscribed to a software product, you will be automatically charged at the time of renewal as per your subscription plan. For example, a monthly plan will renew (and charge your credit card) each month. An annual plan will renew and charge each year.

    Billing date will be based on the date of subscription.

How many installations are allowed per seat?

  • You can install the software on a maximum of 3 devices for each seat subscribed.

    For OSForensics, this allows for 2 machine installs (typically a lab machine and a laptop) and 1 USB install, all controlled by the same user.

    You can activate or deactive the devices on the 'My Subscriptions' page (login required), and selecting 'Manage Devices'.

Do I need to activate my subscription license?

  • Subscription licenses must be activated by an online machine (one with an internet connection).

What happens when I change the number of seats to a plan?

  • When you change the number of seats on your subscribed plan, you will be credited for the unused pro rata portion of your remaining billing period. You will then be charged for the number of seats according to your new plan.

    Note that if you reduce the number of seats to your plan, the pro rata credit on your account will be saved for your next bill.

    There is no cash refund for unused credit.

I tried to subscribe to a product but I get the message 'Already subscribed'

  • Each account can only have one active subscription to any plan. If you need more seats/devices for that product, please click on 'My Subscriptions' and 'Edit' the number of seats to your subscription.

How do I change the billing card details for my subscription?

  • Click on 'My subscriptions' (after login) and select 'Edit' for your plan. You can then select 'Edit' next to the card details.

Is my subscription set for Auto-Renewal?

  • Only when paying by credit card is billing for auto-renewal charged automatically.

How do I cancel my subscription?

  • Click on 'My subscriptions' (after login) and select 'Cancel' for your plan.

    This will cease all subsequent auto renewals and charges on your credit card. Your current subscription will remain active (and you can continue using your software) until it expires at the next renewal period as per your plan.