BurnInTest - Testing a TPM

UEFI settings
There should be settings in UEFI that allow the TPM to be enabled/disabled in UEFI (for example under a security heading). If the TPM is disabled then it will display as "Not Found" in BurnInTest and the TPM test will fail. TPM UEFI Settings

Prior to Windows 10 you will need to run the TPM management console (run tpm.msc) and ensure the TPM is provisioned for use.

From Windows 10 onwards the TPM should be automatically provisioned by windows.

Detection and Testing
BurnInTest will list the detected TPM on the system information tab.

TPM System Info

If the TPM test is selected to run in BurnInTest it will first check there is a TPM available and if so send the self test command. BurnInTest will check the result of the self test and pass or fail the test based on this result.

TPM test results