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V4.0 build 1008

Latest release date:
26 June 2013

What's new in this release?

Free 30 day evaluation, then:

Professional Edition: US$49.00

Standard Edition: US$24.00

(See sales page for more pricing details)

Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 32bit and 64bit.

Note: Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT are not supported.

64 MB RAM, 15 MB of disk space, compatible 802.11 wireless adapter(s).

Version 4.0 is now available, see what's new for more information.

WirelessMon is a software tool that allows users to monitor the status of wireless WiFi adapter(s) and gather information about nearby wireless access points and hot spots in real time. WirelessMon can log the information it collects into a file, while also providing comprehensive graphing of signal level and real time IP and 802.11 WiFi statistics.

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Any wireless adapter complies with the NDIS_802.11 should be able to report information to WirelessMon. Note that only Windows XP, 2003, Vista & Win7 support this software. Windows 95, 98 and NT are not supported. Windows 2000 (Service pack 4 and above) may work but is not actively supported.

All the various IEEE 802.11 standards are supported, including 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. 802.11N is supported to the extent provided by Windows, as the draft becomes a completed standard more 802.11N support should become available. Some features may not be supported by some wireless adapters, typically they will report only partial information in this case. It has been also been noted that several wireless adapter manufacturers are not providing device drivers that are fully Windows compliant.

From version 4 Garmin USB GPS devices are supported via USB connection.

Wireless LAN information

Signal StrengthThe following wireless LAN information is displayed by WirelessMon (when available, as not all wireless adapters will support all of these features).

Standard and Professional Version Differences

There are two registered version available, standard and professional. The professional version has all of WirelessMon's features enabled while the standard version has the following restrictions;

Free Upgrade

We are offering a free upgrade to WirelessMon 4.0 to our existing users who purchased previous versions from us. If you have and older version of WirelessMon you will require a new registration key. Please see the Free Upgrades Page for details of upgrades.


Creating a signal strength map with WirelessMon

802.11 Wireless networks overview

802.11 Wireless bandwidth tests

WirelessMon FAQ



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