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How Can I Setup PerformanceTest to run from a CD/USB memory stick under Windows?

Installing PerformanceTest to a USB drive

This installation process can be performed for a USB drive installation (any writable drive) using the menu option "File"->"Install PerformanceTest to a USB drive".

From the "Install PerformanceTest to a USB drive" Window, you need to specify:

1) The USB drive and directory you want to install PerformanceTest to. For example, "F:\PerformanceTest". PerformanceTest will create the directory if it does not exist.

2) The type of installation. If you have a license key, then select Licensed, otherwise select Evaluation for a trial period.

3) If you selected a "Licensed" installation type, then enter the Username/Key.

When you select install, PerformanceTest will create the directory on the USB drive (e.g. F:\PerformanceTest), copy all of the files from the PerformanceTest directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\PerformanceTest) to the USB drive (e.g. F:\PerformanceTest) and install the license information onto the USB drive.

Installing PerformanceTest to an optical disk

To install PerformanceTest on an optical disk (CD/DVD/BD) follow the process above, but specify a writable temporary directory in step 1 (e.g. C:\PerformanceTest). On completing the installation to the temporary directory, burn the created directory to the optical disk.

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