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PerformanceTest Fails to start DirectX 12 test

Only Windows 10 and above supports DirectX 12. So this test will never work on machines with older versions of Windows.

Older video cards don't support DirectX12. So check the specs of your video card if the test doesn't run at all.

If you attempt to launch the DX12 test and you get a white screen and or freezing of the test, then this can be caused by the EVGA PRECISION XOC 3rd party software application. This tool is capable of displaying an overlay window (OSD), over the top of the normal 3D scene. This seems to cause glitches in various software.

Uninstalling the EVGA PRECISION XOC software can fix the problem.

Additional information

If debug logging is turned on, then you might see the following errors in the log.

ERROR: HRESULT (0x887a0005)
DEBUG: Render(...) Failed Code: -2005270523

or this

ERROR: HRESULT (0x887a0005) Device removed reason (0x887a002b)

DirectX error code: 0x887a0005 means DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED, which Microsoft describe as, "The video card has been physically removed from the system, or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred".

It doesn't really make sense that EVGA's Precision Xoc software can cause this device removal event, but it does. Also it seems to not effect 32bit systems. We only saw the problem with 64bit 3D code.

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