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Help with Entering license keys

Step 1 - Find your user name and key

After you have placed an order you will receive an e-mail that contains details about your order,  your user name and your license key.

Step 2 - Make sure you have the right software

Your user name and key will only work in the product that you have purchased. Make sure that the product that you have downloaded and installed, matches the product that you have purchased. Download and install the correct software, if required.

Step 3 - Enter your key

There are several different formats for the license key, depending on the product ordered. Please refer to the corresponding type of key provided for instructions on how to enter the key:

Remember - Keep your key somewhere safe

Your license key information should be kept in a safe place in case the software ever needs to be reinstalled. You may also require it when software upgrades are released.

Single Line Keys

Copy your user name from the E-mail

Paste your user name into the software

Copy and Paste the Key

Multi-line Keys

Copy your user name and key from the E-mail

Paste your user name and key into the software

TestLog Web Access

You can either add your licence key manually to the KEYSECTION part of the web access config file by using a text editor or by going to the settings menu of the TestLog standalone version and choosing "Install Web Access Licence". You will need to enter the location of the web access config file (where web access has been installed on the web server) and your licence key in the available fields and click Ok to add the key.

BurnInTest Linux Command Line

Installing a key for the command line version uses a command line argument and a file created called key.dat that contains your key;

./bit_cmd_line_x32 -k

Registers your key stored in the key.dat. When using this flag BurnInTest will expect your username/key, from (and including) the "-----START_OF_KEY-----" to (and including) the "------END_OF_KEY------" flags, to be stored in a file called key.dat in the same directory as BurnInTest. You will need to create a new file called key.dat, paste the key as is, it should be 6 separate lines, 1 each for the start and end flags, 1 for the username and 3 for the key, and then save the file. You will need to restart BurnInTest after registration and you can delete the key.dat file you have created.

Do not alter the savedkey.dat file, this is a file maintained by BurnInTest and altering this file will corrupt it.

Still have a problem?

If you still have a problem, check the following.

Mail us

If the above doesn't fix your problem, mail us at Click to send mail (JavaScript required) and briefly describe the problem you have encountered and your order number.

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