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I have a quad core / dual core / dual CPU system, does BurnInTest test all CPUs?

Yes. BurnInTest starts test threads for each CPU, CPU core and Hyperthreaded CPUs. This can be seen from the Windows Task Manager (Performance tab).

Are there any recommendations when using the USB2.0 Loopback plugs with BurnInTest ?

V7.0.1000 (or higher) of the device driver should be used with BurnInTest V7.x (or higher). V6.1.1 of the device driver should be used for BurnInTest V6.0 or earlier.

Can I test my FireWire ports ? How ?

Yes. For FireWire port testing, PassMark suggest using an External Hard Disk with a FireWire interface and the BurnInTest disk test.

BurnInTest does not have a test for my specialized hardware. Can I add my own test to be run with the other tests ?

Yes. If you have specialized hardware that BurnInTest does not test, you can write your own test and integrate it with BurnInTest V7.
Up to 5 plugins can be specified. PassMark has developed plugins for the following tests:
- Touch screen testing, using Passmark's MonitorTestsoftware,
- Modem testing, using PassMark's ModemTest software;
- Keyboard testing, using PassMark's KeyboardTest software.
Sample software in C and C++ is also available to assist developing a plugin for your specific hardware.

I having trouble setting the 'lock pages in memory' in Windows XP?

Windows XP security rights can be complex to set up and manage. If you have followed the instructions in the help file for setting the 'lock pages in memory' right and still have a problem, try setting this right for "Everyone" and not just for the "Administrator".

I want to test my tape drive, how do I know what device ID to use ?

If your system has only a single tape drive, then the system device identifier will be tape0, and the physical definition will be \\.\tape0. If you have more than one tape drive, then their physical definition would be automatically assigned by Windows (NTDETECT.COM in NT) at startup in the increasing order of their SCSI id's. So if you have two tape drives with SCSI id's 3 and 5, then the tape drive with SCSI id 3 would be \\.\tape0 and the tape drive with SCSI id 5 would be \\.\tape1. For BurnInTest you only need to enter the device identifier (TAPE0, TAPE1, etc..). You must have a windows device driver installed to use the tape drive. So if it is not working, this is the thing to check. Note also that Windows 9x do not support tapes drives.

I can't see my mapped network drives?

Due to the way UAC works in windows (7, 8 & 10) often when a network drive is mapped to a specific user a program running with elevated Adminsitrator rights (as BurnInTest does) will not be able to see it. To solve this you can edit the registry to enable it by adding a EnableLinkedConnections value;

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