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Q. Is there anyway that BurnInTest can be used in an automated fashion, on a production line ?

There are a number of features built into BurnInTest to help automate system testing. This includes a number of command line parameters like: "/r" - run BurnInTest tests automatically, "/m" - display the machine ID data entry window on BurnInTest startup, "/c" - load a user defined configuration file on BurnInTest startup, "/s" - run a user defined test script on BurnInTest startup. See our white paper on this subject and BurnInTest help.

Q. How can I setup BurnInTest to run from a USB drive or CD/DVD/BD under Windows ?

It is possible to install BurnInTest Professional onto a USB drive or CD/DVD/BD such that no installation is required on the test system. This can be useful in a number of scenarios, such as field staff testing PC's without installing BurnInTest on the test system.

When running BurnInTest this way, there will be no files left on the PC after BurnInTest has finished. The procedure is the same for optical disks, but as it is not writeable for log files, logging should be either turned off or specified to be on a writeable drive . You can also get more sophisticated by having multiple test configurations, there is some information about this in the help file.

When BurnInTest is run from a removable drive when installed in this way, the default directory for the users files (like reports and the configuration file) is the BurnInTest directory, rather than the normal default directory of the users Documents directory.

Installing BurnInTest to a USB drive

This installation process can be performed for a USB drive installation (any writable drive) using the menu option "File"->"Install BurnInTest to a USB drive". 

From the "Install BurnInTest to a USB drive" Window, you need to specify:
1) The USB drive and directory you want to install BurnInTest to. For example, "F:\BurnInTest". BurnInTest will create the directory if it does not exist.
2) The type of installation. If you have a license key, then select Licensed, otherwise select Evaluation for a trial period.
3) If you selected a "Licensed" installation type, then enter the Username/Key.

When you select install, BurnInTest will create the directory on the USB drive (e.g. F:\BurnInTest), copy all of the files from the BurnInTest directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\BurnInTest) to the USB drive (e.g. F:\BurnInTest) and install the license information onto the USB drive.

Installing BurnInTest to an optical disk

To install BurnInTest on an optical disk (CD/DVD/BD) follow the process above, but specify a writable temporary directory in step 1 (e.g. C:\BurnInTest). On completing the installation to the temporary directory, burn the created directory to the optical disk.

Self booting USB drive or optical disk

To make a self booting USB Flash Drive, bootable optical disk or PXE boot, please see here.

Q. I am not using the 3D test and don't want to install or update DirectX. Can I skip the DirectX warning message on startup?

Yes. Start BurnInTest with the "/x" command line parameter (see BurnInTest help for more details).


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