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Q. Can I add my company logo and company information to the BurnInTest test certificate report?

Yes. The test certificate introduced in BurnInTest 5.0 is a HTML document (BITCertificateTemplate.html). It is almost completely customizable, such as style, your company logo, company information and the certification statement. The only 'fixed' component of the report is a tag ("<!--BITCERTIFICATE-->") that marks where BurnInTest will insert the results information.

You will need an HTML editor to modify the test certificate for your company. For example:
(1) To insert your Company Logo, the first item in the <body> of the HTML file is a <table> containing your company name and logo as a gif file.
<p>Put your company logo here:</p>
<img src="./Passmark_logo3.gif">

You should modify the text in the first line to be your Company name, and change the logo gif filename to a file containing your company logo.

(2) To change your company information you should edit the footer in the HTML file:
<div class="footer">
Put your company name here:<br>
Level 5, 63 Foveaux St, Surry Hills, 2010, Sydney, Australia<Br>
Phone + 61 2 9690 0444 Fax + 61 2 9690 0445<Br>

Please see the "Preparing a Customer Test Certificate" (index item "Test Certificate") in the BurnInTest 5.0 help file for more information on modifying the test certificate.