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I get the error "Failed to play back MIDI via sequencer".

Several causes of this problem over the years have been discovered;

We believe most of the MIDI related errors are due to device driver bugs and lack of testing of MIDI features being done by the sound hardware manufacturers. It’s also possible there may be some operating system bugs as the API used for accessing the MIDI functionality (BurnInTest uses Windows MCI/MIDIMapper to play back test MIDI files) is becoming obsolete and deprecated.

MIDI is no longer a widely used feature and is generally only used by specialist audio engineers and musicians. If MIDI is not considered an important function for your system you can edit the BurnInTest error classification file (BITErrorClassification.txt) and downgrade the MIDI related errors from SERIOUS to WARNING or INFORMATION. See “Configuring Error Classifications” in the “Event Log” page of the BurnInTest help.

Assuming that the problem is caused by a memory leak in the audio device driver while playing back just a MIDI file via the built-in Windows MIDI mechanism, we believe the impact of this error should be minor and probably only occur with users of low-end MIDI software over longish periods of heavy usage. In such a case it’s likely the MIDI software would fail and need to be restarted. High-end MIDI software in many cases does not use the Windows mechanism to play back MIDI (but uses their own implementation), and would likely be unaffected.

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