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I get the warning "The 3D test was interrupted".

This warning can occur when;

Things you can try to narrow down the issue;

Example driver crash window

Driver Stopped Responding

Intel Haswell iGPU

After receiving quite a few reports of this issue on the Intel Haswell iGPU we have investigated further. We were able to reproduce the problem on a Haswell CPU/iGPU (i7-4770/Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600) desktop running 64-bit Windows 7 with older Intel HD Graphics drivers. This issue appears to be resolved with Intel HD Graphics driver for Windows ( - it is recommended this be the minimum driver version used.

In addition to the reasons shown above, we have found in our testing that this issue is caused by the Intel graphics card device driver timing out and recovering. This occurs with the driver, and it seems to occur more frequently with an older driver. We could not reproduce the problem with driver

For reference, the following is a desciption of the problem when using driver

The System and Application event logs should be checked around the time of the event. To view the events, open Event Viewer, expand "Windows Logs" and select "Application", look for "Desktop Window Manager" and "Windows Error Reporting" events around the time the 3D test was interrupted event occurred (see example from our test lab below). Then select "System" events and look for "Display" Warning events (e.g. Display driver igfx stopped responding and has been successfully recovered).

In our testing, the following occurred when running just the BurnInTest PRO v8.0.1031 3D test:

  1. The Application event log shows a "Desktop Windows Manager" “A request to disable the Desktop Window Manager was made by process (4)”, (i.e. by the Operating System).
  2. The Application event log shows a "Windows Error Reporting" event and the crash dump produced by Windows Error Reporting shows a timeout in igdkmd64.sys (VIDEO_TDR_TIMEOUT_DETECTED (117) - The display driver failed to respond in timely fashion.)
  3. The System event log showed a "Display" Warning event ("Display driver igfx stopped responding and has been successfully recovered").

These events caused the "3D test was interrupted" reported by the BurnInTest 3D test.

Event viewer screenshots for reference

1. Application event log

1. Application event log 

2. Application event log

2. Application event log 

3. System event log

3. System event log 

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