Benchmark Data licensing

Independent Performance Benchmarking Services

For over a decade, PassMark Software have been experts in the field of objective performance testing and analysis. We offer independent evaluations of software products for performance and system impact.

Our consultancy services help you to stay ahead of your competitors at any point within your product's lifespan. For software which is yet to be released, we can advise you of any potential performance deficits by testing using metrics that reflect 'real world' scenarios, similar to those experienced by your end users. For companies wishing to promote newly released products, the independent and reproducible nature of our data gives sales staff and marketers reliable performance data to facilitate direct and credible product comparisons with competitors. For research and development purposes, our detailed consultations can assist you to objectively assess a product's strengths and weaknesses and assist you in meeting your product's performance and sales goals.

Our consultancy team includes experienced test analysts who have access to a wide range of hardware and testing environments. We are regularly sought out by vendors seeking reliable, objective performance testing and consultation on a range of software products. Typically, we privately publish one or more independent performance reports each month for various publishers.

Example reports can be found here.