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PassMark OSCheck ™

V1.3 (Build 1001)

Latest release date:
18 April 2008

Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista and Windows 7.

128 MB RAM, 2 MB of disk space.

OSCheck has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

OSCheck has been replaced by OSForensics, a new powerful e-discovery and computer forensics tool which features all OSCheck functionality and much more.
Current OSCheck owners will receive a discount to OSForensics on request.

PassMark OSCheck™ is a tool that allows systems integrators and PC repair centers to quickly verify the installation of the operating system and other software applications. Missing files, corrupted files and out of date system files can be detected before they cause a problem. This can be useful in a production line environment or for checking PCs that have come back for repair. OSCheck can also be useful security tool for detecting files that may have been changed or modified by malicious software or intruders.

Systems administrators and software product support personnel may also be able to use this tool to compare the current configuration of a PC to a known standard configuration.


A signature can be created of a particular file structure. A signature contains the complete details of all files present in selected directories on the PC (file name, file size, checksum, etc...). This signature can then be saved for future reference and compared to the files present on other PCs.

In the case where two signatures are compared and don't match, a report showing the differences is created. By looking at the differences highlighted in the report it is possible to assess the probability that the software installation is incorrect. Other features include:


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