Feature Comparison

What differentiates the PassMark Network Loopback Tester from other network testers on the market?
Compare the features between the Passmark Network Loopback Tester, RJ45 Tester and Ping.

Network Loopback Tester RJ45 Tester Ping
PassMark NetworkTest PassMark NetworkTest PassMark NetworkTest
Supported Networks Ethernet, WIFI and Bluetooth Ethernet Ethernet and WIFI
Protocols being tested TCP/IP and UDP No ICMP
Connectivity Testing Yes Partial. Only Identifies electrical issues such as broken or shorted wires. No testing of data transmission. Yes, remote machine with Ping enabled is required
Stability Testing Yes No Partial. Ping uses ICMP which has low priority & no flow control. Packets can be lost even on good networks.
Load Testing Yes No No. Ping typically uses less that 1% of network capacity.
Bandwidth Testing Yes No No
Max Bandwidth 800Mbit/s Zero 4Kbit/s (Typical Usage)
Diagnosing Intermittent Problems Yes No Partial. Brief faults won't be detected.
Verify device driver correctly installed Yes No Yes
Logging of bytes sent / received & error counts Yes (with BurnInTest) No Partial
Full Duplex Testing Yes No No
Can test cables with no PC connected Yes Yes No