PassMark Software

BurnInTest 7.0 15/Sep/2011

Sydney, Australia, September 15th 2011 - PassMark® Software announces the release of BurnInTest 7.0, a new version of the popular PC reliability and load testing software for Windows.

PassMark BurnInTestTM is a software tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability. BurnInTest 7.0 is a major upgrade with new tests including disk self tests and touch screen testing when used with PassMark MonitorTest. Existing test improvements are many and include testing up to 256 CPUs, a memory adjacency test, new physical disk test modes, increases to the number of network ports that can be tested, IPv6 testing and testing up to 25 USB ports when used with PassMark USB 2.0 Loopback plugs.

Temperature monitoring, graphing and reporting has been improved with more temperature sources available and user configurable error events on temperature thresholds now possible. System information improvements include detailed memory information, SSD reporting and USB 3.0 reporting. Test automation has been extended with most test preference settings now available as scripting options.

We invite you to browse the changes to BurnInTest so you can understand the benefits of testing your hardware with BurnInTest 7.0 at

BurnInTest may be purchased through the PassMark website