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Signal strength on manual map

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  • Signal strength on manual map

    I am using wirelessmon pro, which seems to be working as I am viewing various access points it is picking up in the Summary tab. I am trying to create a map of this signal strength. I have used the link for guidance. However, when trying to create a map manually, I can import the map information, but when I select a group of AP's that I have identified, it does not propagate it on the map. Am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you have the "All" option selected in the drop down list on the map tab and click on a map hexagon is a sample being recorded?

    If not you should check that;
    • The correct network card is selected under the toolbar
    • "Click to indicate location" is selected in the map options
    • Access points have been detected and that at least one is available at the time (displayed in the status bar at the bottom of WirelessMon)