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"Cannot find corresponding counter name for this network card" error message

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  • "Cannot find corresponding counter name for this network card" error message

    Hi, just installed Network monitor 3.1 and I obtained the "Cannot find corresponding counter name for this network card" error message .

    I looked at the help in and they talk about running the Windows “perfmon.exe” tool to see if you can see the “Network Interface” performance counters, I started the perfmon.exe but could not find the Network Interface.
    So what is the next step, I am using a Toshiba satellite A100 with an external Alfa Network 1 Watt wifi adapter not the Toshiba Atheros card.
    1 Gyg Ram 320 Gig HD.

    Any suggestion on this matter, where can I find this Network interface in the perfmon,exe app.

    Best regards,

    Thor Hedderich

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    If you can't see the Network Interface performance counters, then you can rebuild the performance counters using the 'lodctr /R' command in an open cmd prompt window.

    There is more information on this Microsoft support page,


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      Some problems - Cannot find corresponding counter

      Hi , Tim thanks for your reply but still after I followed the instructions sti I keep getting the Cannot find corresponding counter name for this network card" error message .

      Also I can not use the GPS with the program, I also have installed Metageek Insider V. 2 and after I started the Franson GPS Gate and configured the output from the GPS port 25 to COM 5 I had no problems at all. I have not been able to do this in Wireless monitor.

      Also I would like to know if possible the exact instructions on using and integrating the map to the software.

      Thanks again for the support,

      Thor Hedderich


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        Are you able to see the “Network Interface” performance counters in perfmon or are they still missing?

        If you followed the directions from this thread and still can't the network counters there aren't any other ways of fixing this that we know about, you will still be able to use WirelessMon but some statistics will not be displayed.

        There is a walk through for creating a signal strength map at

        What sort of GPS unit are you using? Was it set to transmit in NMEA mode or the proprietary mode used by it's manufacturer?

        For the next WirelessMon update we will be looking at adding native support to WirelessMon for USB GPS units (in cases where the manufacturers have made it possible by publicly releasing APIs for their devices).


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          Tim, still nothing

          Dear Tim, I have resolved the map issue but still can't with the corresponding counter name, I am running the perfmon.exe and can not findethe performance object Network Interface, Bytes Total/sec.
          In the select counters from list simply there is nothing near to that object.
          Is there the posibility it does not exixt as an object, have you seen this before ? I s there a way to create this performance object Network Interface, Bytes Total/sec. in case it does not exist.

          Best regards and wil wait for your support.

          Thor Hedderich


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            Rebuild the counters.

            Tim, me again, I have just opened the cmd window and run the 'lodctr /R' command but it should have some options as a file name, local computer or remote computer, still can not see the performance object Network Interface, Bytes Total/sec. object in the perfmon.exe app.


            Thor Hedderich


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              Unfortunately there just isn't a whole lot of information about this Windows problem other than the links i have already posted.

              It's doesn't seem to be a very common problem and i have yet to see a single reason given in any of the online solutions as to the cause of the problem (just that the network counters can become corrupted).


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                Simply won't load counter

                This is odd! I get the same error message that the corresponding counter name cannot load. I have done everything - opened perfmon.exe, added my network card counter (total bits/s), opened cmd as adminstrator and typed lodctr /R (received message that counter been added) - still wirelessmon cannot load my network card.

                In Wirelessmon, my network card, Level One WNC-0601, is shown. However, I still get the error message when a hit "reload cards".

                What am i doing wrong? Can this be resolved?

                Running Win7 64-bit.


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                  Could you please run WirelessMon in debug mode (more information in the help file) and send us a copy of the debug log (contact details here). If you can see the network card in the perfmon counter WirelessMon should be able to load it.