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Problems with Earthmate LT40 GPS ?

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  • Problems with Earthmate LT40 GPS ?

    I have been trying for over a week to get GPS to work with WirelessMon Pro without any success. I am using the serial emulator that Delorme has available on their website. I can see the data coming in from the GPS and WirelessMon indicates it is receiving the data.

    I have tried 3 different maps. I have verified that they are north oriented. I have calibrated two points on the map. I set point one to one as close to the upper left hand corner of the map and the other point as close to the lower right of the map as I can get to. According to the help info in the program, I have done everything I need to do but still no joy.

    I have used the Delorme app that came with the gps and it shows me on the road I have been on when trying to use WirelessMon. I have made sure that WirelessMon is the only thing running besides the serial emulator. I am not used to having this much of a problem getting something to work. When I get WirelessMon to track where I have been, the trail it builds bears no resemblance to where the roads are that I have been on.

    I am pretty much at a point where I will have to abandon the application and/or gps. I cant tell where the problem is. I am willing to try another gps if that is the problem. Has anyone else used this same gps ? Any suggestions ?


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    Hi Ron,

    It sounds like you didn't get the email i sent back in response to your project file email (if not it may have ended up in your spam filter), from the map dimensions it seemed like the map scale was quite small (~1:10000, Google earth eye altititude of ~2.75km) and a larger scale map (eg Google earth eye altitude of ~500m, ~1:1800) will be more accurate.

    Also looking in Google Earth / Google maps the road overlay of the satellite data doesn't seem particularly accurate for this area, the roads are offset to the west quite significantly so this might be contributing as well.


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      Is it possible that you could email me one of the maps that you have been using ? That would help me compare with what I am using.