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  • Getting maps

    I just bought WirelessMon. Trying to figure out how to download maps or satellite pictures (either one, doesnt matter at this point) from either google, yahoo, etc. Didnt see anything in the readme or on the PassMark website. Didnt any way to do it from the Google or Yahoo websites. I am new to doing this, so any help would be appreciated.


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    You can scan in printed maps, e.g. using a flatbed scanner.
    Or you can capture maps to the clipboard on your screen using the "Print Screen" key. You can then save them to a file using Paint, or your favorite graphics editor.

    Note that some maps might have copyright restrictions. So depending on where the map came from, how you plan to use them and what country you are in, you might need to check this out (if you are concerned about copyright infringement legal stuff).


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      In reading through the online help, it mentions a certain resolution. I am not sure how to capture the image and have those settings. I tried to do a print screen from both Yahoo and Google but am getting all of the web browser header, etc. If there is a source that I could download maps in the proper size, formatting, etc, I would consider paying for that as opposed to spending hours of trial and error.



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        The resolution of the maps shouldn't matter (only that the bigger a map is the more resources are need to load it) but the scale of the map is, as small scale maps will be less accurate.