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    I'm looking for a good manual. I am trying the software now and I do find lots of similarities that were used by lucent in the '90. I did install lots of Wavelan II AP's. The testing software to test s/n ratio was easy to use and included with every PC-card.
    Although I'm getting the hang of it again after 15 years or so, I do see that lots of he names and abbreviations have changed.

    So my question is if there is a more explanatory manual that explains different readings, what o look for etc.

    I small idea for the software I have is more dynamic GUI. Because it can freeze, it's better to see more dynamic and fluctuating data.

    The Netherlands

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    The manual included with WirelessMon (accessed form the help menu) should provided a description for any acronyms or data fields used in WirelessMon.

    Could you elaborate on how the GUI is freezing, the network card is queried at the sampling rate set in the general options (default of 3 seconds) so the information presented on the summary tab should be updated fairly regularly. It may be your network card is particularly slow to respond to these queries or that the strength of any available networks is constant between samples.


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      A manual - yes.....

      I agree with Eric. I am not a geek, but I am far from stupid and/or unintelligent. I simply want to test whether my wireless home network is secure and running as well as it possibly can.

      Perhaps there is other software out there that would better suit my needs and capabilities - I don't know.

      However, what I do know is this software is not straightforward for me, and an 'idiot's' or 'beginner's' guide might help me somewhat...... for instance, if it says 'Required' in the Security column, does this mean the network is not currently secure and anyone could log in? Because I was under the impression that my network IS secure......

      I cannot easily find definitions of terms used; nor can I find any helpful info about how to change settings that may be a problem.

      And a search of the FAQ returns only silly and irrelevant results. The option to browse FAQ might be more useful.


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        The WirelessMon help could be improved in a few areas so we'll keep this in mind for the future. Specifically for your security question (excerpt from the help);

        Indicate if WEP/Encryption required by this access point..... A locked icon is displayed if a security method is in use and an unlocked icon is displayed for an open access point. In Windows Vista the security method used (WEP/WPA/WPA2) will be displayed in this column as well.
        This could probably be better phrased as "Indicates if a security method is required to connect".

        There is an FAQ for WirelessMon online that can be browsed,

        There is also a brief overview of some wireless networks terms at

        As for a guide on changing settings the scope for this would be too large to create a useful document as each access point and network card will have different options. It's best to consult the manufacturer documentation for this sort of guide.