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Available vs Unavailable: demarcation point

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  • Available vs Unavailable: demarcation point

    A question: below is a pix of Wireless Mon window. Note the status column lists connections that are not available and that the associated RSSI is marked "N/A". At what RSSI level does such a connection become available? Obviously the information retrieved is indeed available (the SSID, channel, etc) but yet the connection is unavailable (red status).

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    The 'not available' access points (AP) were available at some point in the past, but are no longer available now. WirelessMon collects the information about the APs when they are available and remembers the details. The last time seen column show you when the AP was last available.

    In some case you might get an weak AP that oscillates between being available and not available due to the signal fading in and out (like your car radio as you drive away from the transmitter)

    WirelessMon doesn't collect or update any new details about not available APs


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      I should have guessed... lol