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Testlog crashes on start up

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  • Testlog crashes on start up

    Hello, I just downloaded and installed Testlog to evaluate for my team, but when I try to start it, I get the splash screen, a blank window, and then the program crashes and Windows wants to send an error log to Microsoft. Any idea of what might be wrong?

    Testlog v3.0 Build 1006
    Windows XP

    Thank you,


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    In order for us to diagnose the problem could you please provide us with more information by running TestLog with the command line parameter /debug. This will create a file in the TestLog install directory called “TestlogDebug.txt”. Once you have this file could you email it to us as per the instructions on the Support Page.
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      same issue crash on booting

      i get the same issue. On initiation at start up - it errors and usual ms send error message. This happens on all occasions. The only work around is to reboot -- and this isn't a realistic workaround.

      Here is my debug,please see below

      Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.0
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => AA
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => AB
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => AC
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => B1
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => B2
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => B3
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => B4
      09-11-2007 10:14:43 Startup => B6


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        We has this issue with two of our users.

        We did a windows system restore to the last know restore point where we knew test log worked. This fixed the issue, but it was alot of hassle. I have no idea what changed on the system to make testlog crash like this. On the theories where that maybe a microsoft update could have caused it.

        Hope we dont see this again


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          thanks for the fast reply

          We have two instants in the office today. What we did sounds the same. An MS restore and it worked. I see that MS had released xml patches so maybe this could have been a cause.

          It did look like someting was not getting released and hence on restart crashing was occuring

          Anyway, the prompt repky is very much appereciated


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            Although you're using XP instead of Vista there is always the possibility it could be the DEP setting causing problems with the security software protecting TestLog, if DEP is on you can try turning it off for TestLog as described in this thread,

            The debug log indicates that it's about to load the start-up selection dialog (the load/broswe/create one) so we're adding some more debugging around that area.

            With the next version of TestLog we're also setting it up so if there is a crash that displays the crash dialog with the "Send to Microsoft" button we will be able to retrieve the report from Microsoft and analyse it.

            If it happens again can you please let us know and we'll send you a newer debug version to test.
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              It is happening again. Could you send the debug and i will return the output.
              The help is greatly appreciated



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                There is a debug build available from that has some extra debugging output in it. Please run it with the command line parameter /debug and send use a copy of the log.

                Also be aware this is very much a debug build, due to some of the Vista compatibility changes being made the config file save function is currently disabled in this build so any config changes made will not be saved between sessions.


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                  Thanks for the debug

                  I am using LOGMEIN ( remote client.

                  And the debug output is

                  TestLog V3.0 1013
                  Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.0
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => AA
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => AB
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => AC
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => B1
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => B2
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => B3
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => B4
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => B6
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => loop
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => show dialog
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => StartupDlgProc Init
                  09-14-2007 09:34:01 Startup => StartupDlgProc Init done

                  When I am on the local machine I get the following message (as a dialog box) "Could not find or create a configuration file. Default configuration values will be used. H:\Program Files\Testlog\Testlog.cfg

                  Hope this helps


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                    Could you please try this version,, and post the debug log if it still crashes.


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                      I can access Testlog local (so far) with no issues. However when I try to access this remotely (logmein) it fails and I get the following debug:

                      TestLog V3.0 1013
                      Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.0
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => AA
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => AB
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => AC
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => B1
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => B2
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => B3
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => B4
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => B6
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => loop
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => show dialog
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => StartupDlgProc Init
                      09-17-2007 10:04:04 Startup => StartupDlgProc Init done


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                        I managed to replicate the crash through logmein, it should be fixed in this build, Can you please verify that it works.


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                          Thanks for the response

                          I have installed the latest build and so far so good. I will be working remotely tomorow so I will be able to test this load fully.

                          Thanks This is greatly appreciated
                          Will drop you a line with the progress tomorrow


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                            Remote Usage

                            Hi I have used the Test Log remotely now (i.e., build c) and I have not issues
                            Thanks for the help


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                              excellent turn around by the testlog team. very pleased.