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Edit Problem in Web Access with the Field "Phase"

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  • Edit Problem in Web Access with the Field "Phase"

    In our TestLog Web Access we found a problem with editing the field Phase for project test cases. The problem does not apply for editing generic test cases.
    Problem description using the Sample DB:
    The project test suite overview BASE shows the test case with the assigned phase System test. When I click the edit link for this test case, I get an empty field for the phase. When I open the drop-down selection for the phase, I get the expected list, except that the entry System test is missing, but an empty entry is there.
    Consequence: After I open a project test case, edit a field (e.g. the status), and save the changes, the field phase is empty for the edited test case.

    We are using TestLog 1011 with customised test phases. But we can also reproduce this problem with the original Sample DB.

    I would appreciate if you could fix this in the next release.
    Do you have any plan yet, when the next release will come out?

    Thanks a lot.

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    The current build is 1015 and i believe this problem was fixed in 1012 so updating to the newest build should fix the problem.