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3D benchmark errors

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  • 3D benchmark errors

    I see some comment about this issue in the help section, but the suggested fix does not work. The error I'm seeing is related to mainly the directX11 module, but it also affects the directx10 module. When the module starts, the screen flickers looking like it's going to do a full screen resolution switch, but then it reverts back to the native display resolution and an error pops up saying the "Could not reset the Direct3D device. The dialog will now be closed." (this is for the DirectX10 module. The module actually continues to run after that and data are collected (with a 10% penalty for some reason). But for the DirectX11 module, the error's a bit different: Test aborted due to attempted resolution switch (to 666 x 554). No idea where it's getting that resolution. Any idea how to fix this issue? The same errors appear if I run the beta version 9 or the version 8 (which I own).
    I'm running an Alienware Aurora R4, GTX 980 (4 Gb), 16 Gb system ram. Windows version 10, most current updates, including the Nvidia graphics driver.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Do you have Google hangouts or another messenger app running (or a program that is "always on top")? This error is commonly caused by hangouts as its default is to be displayed on top of all other windows, which takes to focus away from the DirectX tests.

    Moving hangouts/other app onto the non-primary monitor or turning off the "Always on top" setting should fix this error.


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      Originally posted by dwgemster View Post
      Thanks for any help.
      "Could not reset the Direct3D device" DirectX error fixed via DPI change. See,


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        Thanks for the update & solution. Out of interest, what screen resolution are you running on the desktop?