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  • Bettering the score

    I would like to know how to better my score.
    113.2, 246.2 MFlops

    Maybe you can direct me to links, or better yet provide some links on your website that will intice people to use your product. when they don't have far to go. Have them use their reg code for login to this site.

    Great product, have presented it to my supers to help them in designing the next breed of Computers here at $% (Opps, can't put that in)
    Trigger(Ex Compaq Employee)

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    There are a lot of people looking for a magic bullet solution. There are also a lot of less than reputable people out there offering speed improvement products that just don't work.

    Here are some proven techniques that can give some improvement in some circumstances.
    • Defagment your hard disk
      Check that you have the correct motherboard chipset device drivers installed. This is more important with newer motherboard that have extra options.
      Check your hard drive is using DMA and running the best mode and using ATA-100 if available. (chipset device drivers normally do this automatically, when you have the right cables)
      Get a 2nd drive and move your Windows swap file to it
      Get a 2nd drive and use RAID
      Reformat your disk to use faster, but less space efficient, large clusters
      Add more RAM (but this is only effective to a point)
      Overclocking CPU, Video & bus (at your own risk)
      Adjusting the AGP aperture size
      Using the latest version of DirectX
      Play with various options in video card device drivers (depends on you video card)
      Switch to using Windows XP because it boots much quicker
      Switch to 16bit color instead of 32bit. (may have no impact depending on your video card)
      Doing some registry tweaks, there are so many available you need a whole web site to detail them. (but many have unwanted side effects so be careful)

    In the end however, none of the above will beat buying a brand new computer with all the latest hardware

    Also not all of the speed improvements will so up in PerformanceTest. e.g. A fast booting computer will not score any higher in PerformanceTest.

    If anyone has any tweaks or tips they would like to share please post away.