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Extremely high benchmarks, should I be worried?

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  • Extremely high benchmarks, should I be worried?

    I've been using passmark to benchmark several gaming rigs that I've built over the past 5 years. Every one of them have benchmarked average with each of their components, which I am extremely happy with since they are all still working well today.

    However, for the first time, I am actually worried that something may be wrong with my setup, or the passmark software may have glitched somewhere.

    I have just finished building a computer, not overclocking anything. All of my benchmark scores are above average, though 1 of them is extremely high for nothing being overclocked. I have ran the benchmark tests 5 times, the results are within 1% difference from one another. The G3D Mark (17,619) is the highest outlier (at top 1%) of all the results. This is a clear indication that something is off, right? Since the average G3D Mark of the top card on the market doesn't even reach 17k, and this card is just a 2060 Super.

    Here is the benchmark link:

    Does anyone know what could cause this glitch?

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    We'll have a look at the baseline file and get back to you. Might be a couple of days.


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      Just wanted to update you with some more info. I did some testing and looked into the card's specs.

      This card is a MSI 2060 super gaming x. I didn't realize it was a factory overclocked card (bought it for aesthetics); supposedly factory OCed to 1695 MHz, but ended up actually being OCed to 1980 MHz. Under benchmarking with passmark and 3DMark, it runs at a stable 65 degrees Celsius, and 50% stock fan speeds.

      Hope some of this info helps. Passmark is still returning the same numbers. Thank you again for looking into this!


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        All the results seem ok, your graphics card is just performing better than the majority of this card in other systems (someone has to be at the top of the list).
        Worldwide, 5% of results are above 17,000, most results are around 15,000 and there are a few results that are very low which would bring the average down a little bit.