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2D graphics test is very flawed

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  • 2D graphics test is very flawed

    When I ran PerformanceTest first time, I scored 99th percentile in every mark except the 2D Graphics Mark, which was only in the 95th percentile. I was very much confused by what's causing the poor score when all other components are at the top of their game. Then I noticed that every 2D test was done in a very small window (my desktop was in 4k). I changed my desktop resolution to 1080p and reran the test. Boom, this immediately got the score to the 99th percentile. I ended up submitting my baseline with the 2D test done in 720p as the score was even higher than 1080p.

    This really shouldn't be the case as it punishes people using high resolution displays. Hopefully you guys would consider changing how the 2D test is done.

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    You might find it isn't the resolution that matters but the scaling? Typically people with 4K monitors run 150% or 200% DPI scaling. Which means there are up to 4x as many pixels to push around for a window of the same notional size (in pixels).