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3D graphic can't test DirectX 12 if test by All

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  • 3D graphic can't test DirectX 12 if test by All

    Hi Sir,
    I can test DirectX12 individually but if I run "3D Graphics->All", the PerformanceTest can't run Directx12.
    Sometimes, Directx10 also can't test.
    1. I already disabled all notification from graphic card & Windows 10.
    2. I only installed OS, Drivers and Passmark.
    3. Attached log file. Thanks.

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    What are the error messages and the spec of the machine?


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      SysInfoLog.txt as below link

      Thank you~
      Attached Files


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        It looks like there was an unexpected resize of the DX12 test after it had already resized, however the screen dimensions did not change. Could you pleas download and try the latest build of PerformanceTest (V9.0 Build 1031) as it should detect when this happened and not throw an error in this case.


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          Dear Tim,
          I just downloaded and tested V9.0 Build 1031. The first time is always okay. From the second time, DX10 is failed(Could not reset the Direct3D device. The dialog will now be closed). If I exited from PerformanceTest and reopen it, it can run all 3D mark test. That is what I see now. Do I need to send log file again?
          Thank you.


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            We've had a few reports similar to this on the UHD Graphics 620/630 Intel cards recently, at this stage we believe there is a driver issue triggered by swapping between resolutions. Dropping the resolution on the system to 1920x1080 before starting PerformanceTest seems to be the current workaround.

            If we are able reproduce it here we may be able to add a workaround in PT itself but that will not be until we have an example of one of these cards here.