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Everything scoring highly except Direct2D which is lowest of the low? (Win 8.1)

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  • Everything scoring highly except Direct2D which is lowest of the low? (Win 8.1)

    I upgraded my video card (Radeon HD 5670 1GB to Radeon R9 370 2GB) because I'm a heavy 2D user - as you've reported in the past, 2D gets neglected and my card was several generations out of date.

    I just benchmarked my PC and everything is top-end (as it should be with a hexacore overclock and G.Skill 2400 ) with much of it in the 90 - 99 percentile, except Direct2D which is right near the bottom with a benchmark score of 11 (25%). Nothing else was running at the time.

    I read the thread a year or so back about a Direct2D optimisation omitted in modern Windows; I'm on up-to-date Windows 8.1 x64, so I don't know if that's been neglected and only Windows 10 was fixed.

    My other 2D benchmarks were vectors=30, font/text=234, filters=937, vectors2=114, windows=110, render=801 (mostly 70 - 80%). The Diredct2D score is way below normal for this card. Embarrassingly the Windows part of the 2D score is also way below the score for my old card - and for every other HD 5670 in the database - even though they are much older and the video card charts say they're much slower.

    Any ideas what might be going on, and if there is anything I can do to boost performance on Direct2D?

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    I had a look at all Direct 2D the results for the R7 370 card. There is a surprising large range of results (7fps to 60fps, with an average of 33 and median of 30) and it isn't the expected bell curve either. There are a couple of small peaks at 11fps and 55fps. So that would imply there there some common configurations out there with wildly different performance profiles.

    It might be that specific driver versions did better or worse. Or different operating system impact the performance. The CPU used also has an impact with good single threaded performance being important.