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Threadripper 1950x very low integer and floating point math tests. Help?

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    So, before you drive yourself batty any further, have you run the benchmarks both with and without GAME MODE in Windows 10? I have a hunch you're running Win 10 OS...

    If you're running Windows 10, please give this a try and report back with your results. Perhaps this "Integer Math/Floating point math CPU mark" issue has been resolved on these boards through prior investigation, but I've just resolved my own issue today by linking it directly to the use of Windows 10 GAME MODE with the Passmark Performance Test application. Turn off Game Mode and VOILA! benchmarks normalize. Applies to both my intel 8th Gen i5 8600k (new, not OCd) and an AMD FX 8350 OCd to death over the years.

    The exact mechanism by which Win 10 Game Mode causes the benchmark problems, I have no idea...