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7700k low performance

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  • 7700k low performance


    I have a new build. My 7700k seems to be not be performing as intended. I have lower than expected performance in games and in PerformanceTest 9.0. and also a few other performance test softwares. My other hardware seems to be performing as expected.CPU results:

    This is with an Asus EZ overclock (15%). I did notice better performance after this small overclock. I do not intend to overclock my CPU, this was just for testing purposes. As seen here, the Prime Numbers and Physics are performing badly. The overall score is quite a bit below the average for the CPU.

    I have a fresh Windows 10 install. New display drivers and chipset drivers. BIOS is the 2nd newest version, supports the 7700k.

    Can the CPU be faulty? Any suggestions as to what I can do?


    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

    Intel Core i7-7700K

    ASUS TUF Z270 MARK 2

    2 x 16,384 MB Corsair DDR4 @ 2,138 MHz

    750 GB SSD